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Sleep Peacefully My Darlings

November 7, 2013

11-7-13 USKnowing that your country is now well blanketed in roughly 2 Billion Watts of pulsed electromagnetic radiation from those high power, high gain Doppler microwave radar towers charging up the atmosphere surrounding you. The new Dual Pol upgrade has added a new vertical wave component which appears to be doing even more damage to biology below. Through electromagnetic induction, the atmosphere is discharging that power through your children and Earth and Oceans. Something has been urgently trying to communicate to your people and scientists as you gradually commit murder of your children from your own addiction to this pulsed radar technology. Your dramatic increases in autism, alzheimers, algae blooms, fish kills, skin/other cancers, bee deaths, dolphin deaths, increased/massive sinkholes are all attributable to those towers energizing and interfering with the quantum vacuum field above you that you have ignored.

The low frequency pulsed radiation is constant and pervasive.  It penetrates, it mutates and it transmutes.  It is adding energy to the weakly ionized plasma around you.  You have thrown your entire energy balance out of whack in the atmosphere, one of the primary roles of which is to lower the energy of your quantum vacuum field from the Sun before it reaches you.  You are doing just the opposite by pumping it back up in energy levels with those towers.

You have gone so far down the wrong path with your incorrect science, wrong beliefs and arrogance that this Earth was made just for you when in fact you are part of it.  As you destroy its nature you are doing the same to yourselves and your children.

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