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What a Blooming Mess We Have Created

November 8, 2013

Florida Bay BloomFlorida Bay Algae Blooms Cause Widespread Concern Marine, estuarine and fresh bodies of water sometimes experience phytoplankton or algae blooms. Blooms are sudden population explosions of microalgae or blue-green bacteria living in the water column. The phytoplankton blooms observed in Florida Bay in the early 1990s were highly visible, publicized events that drew concern from anglers, citizens, resource managers and scientists. Pea-green soupy bloom water developed in the north central bay at about the same time as the unprecedented die-off of many acres of seagrass in the area. Loss of turtle grass (Thalassia testudinum) habitat meant the loss of important nursery grounds for fish and other invertebrates. Shortly thereafter, bloom waters flowed southward, settling over hardbottom communities, where they contributed to the death of loggerhead sponges, a favorite hiding place for commercially valuable spiny lobsters. Almost immediately, it seemed important to know more about the cause of the blooms and possible impacts on Florida Bay’s ecology.

NCDC NEXRAD Data Inventory Search

Metadata   /   Coverage Map

Period of Record:Level-II: 09/27/1993 to 11/08/2013
Level-III: 08/21/1993 to 11/05/2013

Metadata   /   Coverage Map
Period of Record:

Level-II: 07/20/1996 to 11/08/2013
Level-III: 07/24/1996 to 11/05/2013

Florida Bay Blooms

The blooms and fish kills continue today

Guys, you can’t just pump hundreds of megawatts of radiation into the atmosphere and not expect it to have an affect on surrounding biology.  Whos bright F&*^%$$ idea was that?

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