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I’m Seeing Stars

November 10, 2013

Starfish WastingJust to add to the post Halloween apocalyptic, did you guys hear that the starfish off the West coast of the US are DISSOLVING? That’s right their legs are falling off in tidal pools and along beaches up and down the west coast from Alaska to Southern California and they are sort of just decaying into a blob.
Falling Stars: Starfish Dying From “Disintegrating” Disease

When marine researchers from the University of California at Santa Cruz traveled to Alaska this summer, they noticed something unsettling in the waters near Sitka [GUESS WHAT ELSE IS IN SITKA…]: populations of starfish were losing their arms. Then other reports started pouring in to their laboratory: from Southern California to British Columbia, uncounted numbers of one of America’s best known sea species appeared to be disintegrating…..

Read more: The Case of the Disintegrating Starfish |

So I decided to plot them in Google Earth.  Guess what?  Their locations correspond very well with Doppler locations and all of the fish kills and sinkholes and algae blooms, etc. I have been plotting for the past 10 months.  Take a look:

11-10-13 Vancouver

Red (S) are Sea Star Wasting Locations

11-10-13 Alaska Sea Stars

Red (S) are Sea Star Wasting Locations11-10-13 LA San Diego

Anyway, I found this really scary location with sea stars dissolving on both beaches and guess what was up the hill from the beach?  I count at least 6 Doppler/government radars.

Dissolved Star FishSo here is what I was thinking

Guys, Doppler radars were designed to penetrate through water in the atmosphere using low frequency, high energy waves. I believe those same low frequency waves are penetrating the ocean and ionizing those starfish as well as your children. As much as I say crazy stuff on this blog, I have sent very professional emails to plenty of authorities. They will do something if they choose. I don’t really know how this place works behind the scenes. I have lots of readers from most countries and I think that my data and theory is pretty simple.  We have quantum vacuum energy in our atmosphere that is decaying.  Doppler is interacting with it and increasing low frequency radiation around the towers.  It is a very simple concept but it explains a lot.  I had to go way back in history and change a few misconceptions, that is all.

Guys, it’s the Dopplers and they are damaging all of us as I speak.


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