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Uncertainty Grows as its Tail Shows

November 14, 2013

From Bruce Gary’s web site: This animation of ISON consists of 7 images, each a 3-image median combine stack, all with a r’ filter, from 11:43 to 12:53 UT, Nov 14, made by Bruce Gary using a Celestron 11-inch telescope. Filamentary structure can be seen moving away from the sun at high speed. The motion of jets that can be seen first on the side is backwards and toward the center of the tail; this must be because by the pattern of solar wind enveloping the coma and coming back together on the back side (just my amateur speculation). The presence of many jet-like structures in the outer coma and tail show that there are many sources for gas-driven dust on the nucleus surface. (The coma isn’t changing size; it just appears that way due to the contrast/brightness adjustments that were needed to keep the tail looking the same.)

As far as I know, you have at least 4 options about what you can believe a comet is:

  • Bruce Gary, who is doing a fantastic job tracking ISON for us amateurs, tows the NASA line regarding a ball of ice, subliming gas and dust.
  • James McCanney believes in a “plasma discharge” model for a comet.  While I do believe it does discharge plasma, I only ask WHAT IS CREATING THE PLASMA? James also boldface’s everything on his website which gives me a headache.
  • The Thunderbolt guys think everything is electromagnetic, which by itself is probably true, but how does that explain gravity?
  • Then comes me.  I am the deeply troubled chemical engineer in a mid life crisis that thinks everything that orbits around here, including our primary weather, are energetic, decaying branes from M theory at their core. The core will be a curled up multi-dimensional quantum orbifold or toroid or string of vacuum energy with lots of mass/energy and strings connected creating its magnetic fields and such.  The brane creates an ionizing firewall along its surface which, along with its very small surface area, prevents it from sucking you in.  If there is a quantum theory of gravity, the only way it can interact with other massive bodies is by shooting tails or strings of quantum vacuum energy along magnetic field lines into its surroundings, curling and decaying space as it does.

Below is an asteroid that just went “comet” and shot a few tails, which is why I believe many/most asteroids and meteors also have a quantum vacuum core.  They are surrounded by a crust in space but the crust burns off quickly when the nuclei becomes active as it interacts with other branes.  The Earth whacks the moon with her tail once in awhile.


NASA is now tracking “fireballs” that orbit into Earth.  Once again, I believe many/most of these fireballs have a collapsed, dark vacuum core.

quantum orbits

Earth is at the intersection of all of those “fireballs”

Once these fireballs burn off their crust, I believe they become either part of Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere and eventually becomes a vacuum disturbance in our troposphere as their orbit decays.  Our weather is really just uncertainty made up of our decaying quantum gravity field interacting with air and water vapor and other branes in our atmosphere.

Below is good research from 1963 on hissing and electromagnetic fireballs and all of the weird stuff they do. They just don’t sound like rocks to me.

Anomalous Sounds and Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Fireball Entry

Best I can figure all of these things, including the Sun and planets are really just branes at their core with some decaying crust and gas around them, fooling us all just a bit. You are free to believe what you want.

Regardless, with the Sun at Solar Max and its magnetic poles about to flip, and 4 comets zipping around the solar system, the next few months should be interesting.

Thanks for reading.


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