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Some History to The Mystery

November 24, 2013

nexradI thought I would post some references regarding the history of Doppler Weather Radar and previous concerns with microwave effects on biology. I did not begin my research with any concerns or prior knowledge of Doppler radar. My data has led me to it with support from my theory. That is all. No conspiracy theories, no ill contempt for governments. Just a curiosity about where all of the energy in our atmosphere is coming from and why biology appears to be suffering in developed nations. I think I understand better now. Climate change is a concern, but I believe we can head it off and possibly even reverse some of it in the future. But my findings are completely tragic if they correct. I pray that readers of this blog in 190 countries will investigate this for themselves and do something about it if your data shows the same. I have sent emails to NOAA and other government agencies and researchers.

I believe those “particles” in our atmosphere that the radar is reflecting off can actually attenuate and re-radiate that energy back towards Earth as even lower frequency, penetrating, ionizing radiation. I had something strange happen to me the other night. I took 2 Advil before bed as I had a headache. In the middle of the night I woke up sweating during a rainstorm outside. I could smell the Advil “evaporating” from my pores. I think somehow that storm was heating my body up, possibly even hotter due to the attenuation of Doppler. I stopped sweating as soon as the rain passed. That was strange.

radar_dish-t2From a 1978 Article in People Magazine

What exactly are microwaves? 
Microwaves are a form of invisible electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate deeply into the human body. Like other electromagnetic rays—for instance, radio waves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays—they move at the speed of light. 
What specifically is “zapping” us? 
Radars of all types, FM radio and TV transmitters, [DOPPLER-Left out in 1978], millions of CB radios and, of course, microwave ovens. People who work or live in areas of high electromagnetic pollution—in high-rise buildings in the line of sight of broadcast antennas or near airport and military radar—may be exposed constantly to a level of radiation as high as one milliwatt per square centimeter. 
What level is considered high—and dangerous? 
The U.S. maximum established by the American National Standards Institute is 10 milliwatts per square centimeter, but it is only a recommended guideline, and unenforceable. At very high intensities, microwaves can cause an injurious heating-up of tissue. Yet even at levels considerably below the 10-milliwatt standard there have been experiments on test animals which resulted in changes in brain chemistry and the central nervous system, abnormalities of the blood-forming systems and birth defects. 
What does zapping feel like? 
Humans cannot feel it, unless they are exposed to levels far in excess of the 10-milliwatt standard. It is then experienced as heat. At lower levels most people do not have the vaguest notion of how much or how little radiation they are exposed to.

Is microwave radiation suspected of having any genetic effects? Yes. There was an excessive birth rate of female offspring at a Sperry-Rand radar plant during World War II, where 19 workers in a row became fathers of girls. At Fort Rucker, Ala., in 1969-70, 17 children were born with congenital clubfoot—four times the expected number. Their fathers were helicopter pilots routinely exposed to emissions from military radar. 

Have there been any long-term studies on the overall effects of microwaves? 
All our studies to my knowledge have been short-term. There has not been one serious study over a 20-year latency period, during which biological damage can evolve. That’s the whole ball game right there. What happens to us in 20 years? The assumption that this stuff at lower levels is absorbed or goes right through the body without ill effect is asinine. It has put our society—the world’s most technologically sophisticated—into the position of crossing its fingers. 
Why the cry of cover-up? 
For 25 years the military-electronics industry complex has suppressed, ignored or failed to pursue evidence that people were being injured by microwave radiation. The reason is that our weapons systems depend upon the use of microwave radiation. In 1967-68 the State Department went so far as to test women returning from the Moscow embassy for genetic damage—and lied to them as to the nature and the reason for these tests. Today the Army, Navy and Air Force deny there is any such thing as microwave cataracts, even as the Veterans Administration and Department of Labor are awarding compensation for them. 
What has been Congress’ role in dealing with microwaves? 
Congress has been dragging its feet. I recommend that the Senate call in State Department officials, including Kissinger, to testify under oath about what has been going on in the Moscow embassy and why. High-ranking military officials should also be asked why key documents pertaining to the embassy microwave bombardment were destroyed. 
What can be done? 
I recently flew into New York during a blinding ice storm and, God, I was glad we had radar in that cockpit. I’m not saying we should dismantle everything. We need to go for attainable goals—surely there is a way to maintain national security without irradiating the populated land mass. Some officials of the EPA and the FDA’s Bureau of Radiological Health believe that the present U.S. standard ought to be tightened. This conviction is shared by a growing number of researchers from the independent scientific and medical community. Perhaps radio and TV transmitters should be moved away from densely populated areas. In California and Massachusetts, citizens’ groups have demanded environmental impact statements before giant Air Force radar units, known as PAVE PAWS, can become operational. And of course, for the injured and the desperate the last recourse is litigation. 
Is the general public aware of the problem? 
There is a growing awareness. Now when housewives see the word microwave, maybe they’ll think beyond ovens and recipes. There is also bound to be an avalanche of litigation, and the military has tried to buy research that will refute claims of microwave injuries. They want to keep these cases out of the courts. 
One Air Force officer told me Paul Brodeur should leave this complicated matter to “the experts.” That’s as good a description of how a cover-up is engineered as any I’ve ever heard. 

stanfords-rainbowBiological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

After the mid-1960’s, experimental phantom models of various tissue were developed and used for experimentally verifying the theoretical analysis and determining field coupling and absorption characteristics for more complex tissue structures not amenable to theoretical analysis. From the late 1960’s until the present, thermography has played a powerful role in measuring the EM-field-induced temperature changes in both phantom and actual biological tissues, allowing for a rapid and accurate quantification of the absorbed energy and electric-field distributions within the tissues. Both theoretical work and the development of new instrumentation increased substantially in the 1970’s.

Complex spherical models of the human head consisting of a core of brain tissue and spherical shells simulating the skull and the scalp indicated that hot spots or localized regions of high energy absorption could occur in the center of the brain with magnitudes much higher than observed at the surface of the head due to the focusing of energy by the high dielectric constant and spherical shape of the head (Shapiro et ale [161], Guy [71]). More extensive analyses using spherical, prolate spherical, and ellipsoidal models created a much better understanding of the absorbed energy patterns in the bodies of man and animals exposed to EM fields (Ho et ale [78], Durney et ale [38], Johnson et ale [86], Massoudi et ale [113], Gandhi [62], Allen et ale [3]).

With the growing concern and controversy, scientific and engineering societies began to take action to educate their members as well as play a part in public education concerning the state of the art of the field. The IEEE MTT Society became involved in the early 1970’s by setting up a Technical Committee on the Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation, adding engineering experts on biological effects to their Administrative Committee and in 1971 publishing a Transactions Special Issue devoted entirely to the problem of biological effects of microwaves, with invited papers from researchers from the old Tri-Services group and the group of emerging new researchers involved with the problem. Various agencies in the g9vernment charged with funding scientific research also took action to educate themselves. The National Science Foundation (NSF) held a special workshop at the University of Colorado for assessing priorities and research needs pertaining to the problem in 1971. This set the stage for NSF funding of interdisciplinary research on the subject which coincided with increased funding of interdisciplinary research by many governmental agencies. With the increase in new research results there was a clamor by various professional societies to sponsor sessions in their annual symposia or publish papers in their journals on the latest biological effects research. The U.S. National Committee of URSI began including such papers in their meetings beginning in 1971, the biannual Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM) in 1972, and by 1973 the IEEE MTT Society began to compete strongly with IMPI on the number of biological effects papers presented in their annual symposia. The MTT-S Committee on Biological Effects of Microwaves invited biological effects and microwave dosimetry papers for inclusion in the TRANSACTIONS and annual symposia. The year 1972 marked an increasing awareness and concern by the public of nonionizing radiation hazards which stemmed from a number of news and journal articles.

The articles stressed some of the more bizarre reported effects, the lack of knowledge concerning these effects, and the big difference in the world safety standards on nonionizing radiation. A number of these articles were somewhat sensational in nature and out of perspective with true state-of-art and knowledge of the field. The Consumers Union went so far as to recommend against the purchase of a microwave oven if any microwave leakage from it could be detected. The widespread confusion and public misunderstanding arising from the media coverage prompted the IEEE in 1972 to form a Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) to respond to irresponsible journalism relating to EM radiation effects in the form of public education and position papers. Meantime, governmental involvement in the problem area increased with the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1972. This was not without impacting, however, the newly functioning BRH laboratory, which had built up an interdisciplinary group of engineers and life scientists to carry out research on the problem. By governmental edict, half of the interdisciplinary scientists and engineers of the laboratory transferred to EPA to form another laboratory devoted to the RF-bioeffects research area. The precursor for East-West scientific cooperation on the subject occurred in 1972, with the signing of the agreement between Nixon and Brezhnev, on environmental health exchange.

So with all of this concern in the 1970’s how did they sneek by irradiating all of us and the atmosphere with millions of watts of power 24/7?  They claimed if you pulsed it for fractions of a second there was no danger. And yet there are no long terms studies.



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  1. jzues permalink

    please save the whirld, or for sure assist in it.

    Many thanks ChemE

    Godspeed to all.

    IT feels like they are cooking us subjects.

  2. jzues permalink

    I live close to the Gulf of Mexico and have the pleasure of witnessing the “High Magnetic Lab” @ FSU and the changing weather patterns since it turned on many years ago. Would the lab be able to attract or repel any energies from the branes? Always curious.
    Godspeed on the work-one day-you’ll be recognized-@ least in my dimension.

  3. jzues permalink

    I think you are on the same line of advancing us Humans as much as Elon Musk.
    I send energies to make aware these thoughts and things to all.

  4. Thanks.

    I give Elon a lot of credit in dreaming big and trying to advance things and I appreciate what he is doing also. He has a challenge with Lithium Ion batteries, it appears they want to catch fire and leave this universe quite frequently.

    FYI my wife went to FSU. I am not sure that the FSU Lab is transmitting much EMF into the atmosphere, I will have to read up. I would be more concerned about the 5 or 6 Dopplers along the gulf coast pulsing a few megawatts total of low frequency radiation 24/7. They had some big fish kills along the Louisiana/Miss. coast this Summer, I have been plotting them. They are also having a large number of Turtles dying very near shore within 50 miles overlap of two NEXRAD towers (KLIZ&KBIX)

    I sense that climate change is getting a bad rap for a much more sinister problem. If we do have decaying vacuum energy in our atmosphere the climate models are all hosed up anyway…

    Thanks for following. I am trying to keep my theory logical so everyone can understand. The pieces appear to fit together. A good theory is like a key that unlocks doors.


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