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The Riddle of The Ridley

November 26, 2013
11-25-13 Kemps Ridley

Overlapping Site of 3 Doppler Radar Towers(2 NEXRAD and 1 TDWR) coincides with area 50% of turtles are dying. TDWR(blue): 90 mile diameter circle, NEXRAD: 100 Mile Circle ea.  I obviously have a problem drawing a round circle with my mouse but you get the idea.

From this article:

Study indicates where many drifting sea turtles may have died

Read more here:

“Although the majority of dead sea turtles were found on Mississippi beaches, backtrack analysis of the strandings indicates that much of the at-sea mortality probably occurred in a region just southwest of (Louisiana’s) Cat Island and included inshore Louisiana state waters to the northern part of Chandeleur Sound,” the study states.


Wavelength 10 cm 5 cm
Volume Scan Time 4 minutes in VCP 12 1 min 0.2 degree, HAZ
Beam Width 1.25 degrees 0.5 degrees
Range Gate .13 nm in velocity
.54 nm in reflectivity
.067 nm
Power 750,000 watts x 2 250,000 watts
Max Doppler Range 230 km 90 km

That is up to 1,750,000 watts of radiation pulsing over that area at times. Are you guys sure you know where all of that energy is going?  Is it like ghostbusters when you cross the streams?  How many of those can you overlap before there is an effect on biology? 3? 6? 10? Unlimited? Doesn’t matter? Never thought to check?  Can you really average that pulse over time?  Is time just an illusion like Einstein thought?

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