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What a Waste

November 30, 2013

deerwithcwdChronic wasting disease (CWD) is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) of mule deerwhitetailed deerelk(or “wapiti”), and moose (“elk” in Europe). TSEs are caused by unusual infectious agents known as prions. To date, CWD has been found mainly in cervids (members of the deer family). First recognized as a clinical “wasting” syndrome in 1967 inmule deer in a wildlife research facility in northern ColoradoUSA, it was identified as a TSE in 1978 and has spread to a dozen states and two Canadian provinces.[1] CWD is typified by chronic weight loss leading to death. There is no known relationship between CWD and any other TSE of animals or people.

Most cases of CWD occur in adult animals. The disease is progressive and always fatal. The most obvious and consistent clinical sign of CWD is weight loss over time. Behavioral changes also occur in the majority of cases, including decreased interactions with other animals, listlessness, lowering of the head, blank facial expression, repetitive walking in set patterns, and a smell like meat starting to rot. In elk, behavioral changes may also include hyperexcitability and nervousness. [SOUNDS LIKE AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR IN CHILDREN TO ME!] Affected animals continue to eat grain but may show decreased interest in hay. Excessive salivation and grinding of the teeth also are observed. Most deer show increased drinking and urination.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish discovered CWD in a mule deer near White Sands Missile Range.[9 Doppler Military Radars] This was the first case of CWD in the state of New Mexico. GUYS, THE DAMN DEER STAGGERED UP TO THE MISSILE RADAR RANGE, POINTING YOU TO THE PROBLEM, OK??? GOT IT??

CHOTEAU, Mont. — Across North America — in places as far-flung as Montana and British Columbia, New Hampshire and Minnesota — moose populations are in steep decline. And no one is sure why.

11-30-13 New Mexico11-30-13 Denver11-30-13 East Coast11-30-13 Minnesota

The datapoints for these maps were pulled from here.  Please realize it is just a start and I will plot more data over the next few weeks.  I am also running statistics on the Florida fish kill data.

In the 30 plus years of America’s addiction to Doppler Radar, has ANYBODY done a long term(hell, even short term) study on the effects of pulsing megawatts of penetrating microwave radiation through the atmosphere and all biology(ground clutter) 24/7???????  If so, WHERE IS THE STUDY?.  I have Googled my brains out and I cannot find one.  You have plastered these Doppler and Military Radar towers across the country over the same time frame that all biology appears to be suffering : Bats, Frogs, Bees, Moose, Deer, Fish, Dolphins, Manatees, Star Fish, Autism in Children, etc, etc.

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  1. How many Dopplers are in the Memphis, TN area?

    • You have 2 dopplers (One NEXRAD & One TDWR) within 20 miles of downtown Memphis. You have 3 more NEXRAD Dopplers within 145 miles radius

      The maximum range of the NEXRAD base reflectivity product is 143 miles (230 km) from the radar location

      So you are getting overlap of at least 4 or 5…

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