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December 1, 2013


You can’t average that pulse over time because time is an illusion, remember?  That Einstein guy came up with that and you think he was smart, right?  Then why do you claim you can average the pulse over time and everything will be OK?  Maybe this place is all about decay from one quantum state to another? Maybe you are increasing that decay rate?  Ever think of that?

Weather radar data is susceptible to several artifacts due to anamalous propagation, ground clutter, electronic interference, sun angle, second-trip echoes and biological contaminants [are they calling humans contaminants?] such as insects, bats and birds, [your born children and your unborn children and your grandparents and YOU]. Several methods of censoring radar reflectivity data have been devised and described in the literature. However, they all rely on analyzing the local texture and vertical profile of reflectivity fields.

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