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Stop Ionizing the Ionized Plasma Idiots (Say 5 Times Fast)

December 3, 2013
12-3-13 North Carolina

Latest Waterspout  on 11/27 in North Carolina 4 miles from Doppler Station. I put the ruler on the map to show a distance scale as reference

UPDATE NWS confirms EF-2 tornado

According to the National Weather service, the tornado spun up quickly just south of Bogue Banks in Carteret County and came ashore in western Atlantic Beach causing EF-2 damage to the Ocean Sands and Island Beach and Racquet Club condominiums with extensive to total roof damage to several units.

I thought I would post this update.  I have setup Google so that it sends me emails everyday on waterspouts, sinkholes, fish kills, etc and then I plot them in Google Earth while my wife is not looking.  I have talked about the area in North Carolina near the Neuse river a few times with all of the fish kills and such and I think I even blew up the radar station in a previous blog post using my son’s ITouch App.  Anyway, they just had another waterspout come in directly off the beach from the Doppler Station.  I have told you so many times before that my brain hurts that waterspouts are a “discharge” of weakly ionized plasma from the energetic vacuum energy mixed in with our atmospheric gasses.  The stations are just charging up that capacitor and it has to discharge somewhere.

Humans have somewhat of an advantage over Nature in that we can hide in our metal cars and homes and are somewhat shielded from that ionizing radiation, at least part of the time. But nature, well, just look at what is happening to bats, butterflies, bees, wasting animals, wasting starfish, mad cows, etc. If I am correct,we are gradually ruining Nature with our ignorance and I will take the first punch at the electrical engineers and physicists behind this fiasco.  Something pervasive is attacking all biology and you cannot explain it with a little bit of global warming, in fact it has been pretty cold across the US lately.  If engineers and scientists deny everything I will make them put their head in a klystron microwave oven and pulse it on/off at the same duty cycle of that Doppler tower.

I am writing some Python code to automate the pin pushing in Google Earth and also run some statistics on the data. I appreciate the help from one of my readers to do that.  This is taking some time and I no longer have my dog to help me (RIP), so posts will be a little slower over the next few weeks.  I have posted 1000+ pages to this blog over the past year so there is plenty to sort through if you are so inclined. If you are a physicist doing research on string theory, just don’t tell your boss you visited my blog or it might hurt your chances at a promotion.  I also have help now putting this all into a book or two this month to be placed on Amazon to cover some of the costs of my hunt, which is up to about $1500 US dollars now. I also appreciate the help of all of the songwriters and musicians aiding me in my search for Dark Energy…Somebody is bound to stumble upon it.


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