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December 6, 2013

I re-blogged this information for Educational Purposes.  After I orginaly copied it, the radar company removed the page from their  website but it was captured and stored on a internet cache server that stores old pages here

This information is intended to create awareness regarding the potential health hazards associated with high-powered Doppler weather radar systems. Today you can watch television across the country and see hundreds of televisions stations with their own LIVE Doppler weather radar system. But users of some of these “high-powered” (250,000 watt to 1,250,000 watt) radars neglect to mention the possible safety and health hazards that are an intrinsic byproduct of these systems.

Exposure studies conducted during the 1980’s indicate a possible correlation between escalating cancer rates and increasing levels of radiation in our environment. We cannot eliminate radiation completely from our environment, but we can reduce health risks substantially by controlling our exposure to it.

Research indicates that broadcasters using other vendors’ high-powered radars do not even realize that these radars may actually exceed the FCC standards for safe exposure levels and may pose a heath risk (at the very least to those that must work on these units). The graph below shows the comparison between radiation output for the high powered radars versus the ADC low power, solid-state radar, and references the FCC microwave radiation exposure limits. One proactive action that can be taken is to make your local broadcasters aware of your concern about the use of these unnecessary high-powered Doppler radars. Some of these radars have ERPs (Effective Radiated Power) of over 10 GIGAWATTS
radar power

* Controlled limits apply in situations where persons are exposed as a consequence of their employment provided those persons are fully aware of the potential for exposure and can exercise control over their exposure.

** Uncontrolled limits apply in situations where the general public may be exposed, or where persons that are exposed as a consequence of their employment may not be fully aware of the potential for exposure or cannot exercise control over their exposure.

High Power radar computations derived from: PRF = 259, Ppk = 250 KW (or Ppk = 1000 KW), Pulsewidth = 2 microseconds; W = 4Pav/A; Pav = Ppk PRF PW. ADC Solid State radar specifications can be found here.

*** Some high powered systems’ operating modes may produce even higher levels.

The chart above references FCC documents which can be found online at:

Melbourne Disease

2013 (F)ish  Dead Manatee, Dolphins and Pelicans around 17 high-powered pulsed microwave radars in the Melbourne, Fl area.

Now, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU OVERLAP 17 RADARS AND PULSE THEM AT THE SAME TIME??? WHERE IS THAT STUDY?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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