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I Don’t Buy It

December 10, 2013
12-10-13 Florida

2012/2013 (F)ish Kills & Recent (W)hale Strandings. (S)ilver Spheres are 750,000 Watt NEXRAD Radars, Blue are 250,000 Watt TDWR Radars

I don’t believe “NATURE” is causing all of those whales to strand. Now that I have automated searching the database and retrieving latitude/longitude and placing pins from the State/Florida Database I plotted 2012/2013 ~ 1680 total (F)ish Kills and ALL 8 reported in the Florida Keys are within 17 miles(27 km) of the Dual Pol Doppler Weather Station in Key West Pulsing 750,000 Watts of microwave radiation.  Also a pod of whales just stranded within a few miles of the tower. It appears to me that recent Dual Pol/vertical polarized wave upgrade (in 2012/2013) may have made it even worse for biology around these towers. I will have some statistics in the next couple of weeks.


December 2013 Stranding In Keys/Everglades.

Eleven more pilot whales have been found dead in the lower Florida Keys days after their pod became stranded in shallow waters along the coast, officials said Sunday, calling the outlook “bleak” for 29 surviving whales that remain unaccounted for.
One theory on a cause of strandings (which I agree with) is:

Disruption in magnetic Field:
A theory advanced by Geologist Jim Berkland, formerly with the U.S. Geological Survey, attributes the strandings to radical changes in the Earth’s magnetic field just prior to earthquakes and in the general area of earthquakes. Berkland says when this occurs, it interferes with sea mammals’ and even migratory birds’ ability to navigate, which explains the mass beachings. He claims dogs and cats can also sense the disruptions, which explains elevated rates of runaway pets 1–2 days before earthquakes. Research on Earth’s magnetic field and how it is affected by moving tectonic plates and earthquakes is ongoing.

I think the 750,000 Watt Doppler stations are energizing the atmosphere, ionizing the waterways and disupting the magnetic fields, doing harm in the end to ALL biology around the towers, including humans.

If that is correct I cannot tell you how bad that is

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