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Wouldn’t it be very sad for everyone?

December 19, 2013
Missouri Doppler, Sinkholes, Frog Disease

Areas of frog disease (Red Circles) are in the same areas as the largest concentration of sinkholes (Green and Yellow)

Mapping a Plague of Frogs

One of the first things that epidemiologists do when studying a new outbreak of disease is to map its occurrence. From there, they try to tease out patterns related to the malady’s cause and prevalence, and begin working on solutions to quell it.

For tracking sick frogs, toads and salamanders, it turns out that the same principle applies. Researchers have assembled an interactive map documenting the global emergence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, the amphibian chytrid fungal disease that is blazing through populations of water-dwelling animals around the world.

Sinkhole survey of Missouri was retrieved from here

I just scaled the maps to fit within the State borders of Missouri in Google Earth and then laid them on top of each other.

I’ll be the first to admit I connect some pretty strange things with my “just in time to save the world from itself” research.  Anyway, as much as I might feel excitement at one moment about seeing a connection in data could be due to an increase in “weakly ionized plasma radiation (from an atmospheric vacuum component in my theory)” discharges, I am immediately saddened by the thought that pulsed Doppler/military radars might be causing it. We have installed these things everywhere across the country to protect everyone and they may be negatively affecting all biology every minute of the day. I cannot find any short or long term studies on this.  In many places we have overlapped four or more of these radars (range can be up to 150 mile radius). I cannot tell you how sad that thought makes me feel. I hope I am wrong and have just gone crazy.



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  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    I hope you have gone nuts. Could this be the evidence needed to back up your hypothesis?

  2. Well, about all I can do is build circumstantial evidence, which I think is mounting. I can’t actually hand you the murder weapon as it decays and disappears. I am almost complete running some statistics on the Florida data to see if what I think I am seeing is significant.
    Thanks for following

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