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Boom, Bang, Shake, Quake

December 26, 2013
12-25-13 Oklahoma4

My research tells me there is an increase in “ionized plasma” discharges from the atmosphere to Earth around the perimeter of Doppler Towers, increasing seismic activity, sinkholes, fish kills, algae and poor health in humans.

I decided to look at the data for the continuing Earthquakes in/around Oklahoma/North Texas and Arkansas. I drew a box around them in Google Earth and using the USGS site I downloaded all of the Earthquakes (all magnitudes) since 2009 and it returned approx. 1576.  There have been over 200 M 3.0 or higher earthquakes in Oklahoma.  There is concern that some of these may be induced by fracking, which I really have no opinion on as it may have some effect.

I do notice that the National Weather Service is based near Oklahoma City in Norman, OK.  I count at least 6 or 7 Doppler weather radars in/around the area, which is understandable since they have lots of tornadoes and severe weather. I added up all of the Doppler radar stations in North Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas inside my box and I count 31 Doppler NEXRAD/TDWR Microwave radars.

So I plugged that data into my analysis routine with the following results:

Null Hypothesis: No relationship between Doppler radar locations and seismic activity

Data: 1576 seismic events since 2009 and 31 Doppler radar stations in the box within 31.5-38.2 N Latitude and -88 to -100 W Lon.

There are 7811 instances where seismic events are within 50 miles of a Doppler Station (around Oklahoma city, the highest concentration of seismic activity, many seismic events are withn 50 miles of 5 or 6 Doppler stations).  For my 31 random points, there are 1708 instances of towers within 50 miles.

Metric = (7811/31)-(1708/31) =196.9

10,000 iterations, randomly shuffled 62 data points, p-Value = 0.0001

A p-Value means only one thing (although it can be phrased in a few different ways), it is: The probability of getting the results you did (or more extreme results) given that the null hypothesis is true. In other words there is a 1/10,000 chance there is NO relationship between Doppler locations and seismic activty.  It does not confirm Doppler causes the earthquakes, it just implies they are related in some way.

BTW, in the same area of the seismic activity, I have recorded multiple fish kills as well as some strange illnesses in towns such as in Bristow, OK.  The area around Oklahoma City also happens to be the area of the most damaging tornadoes in 2013, similar to the large number of waterspouts in the Tampa, Fl area which has 2.0 MWs of pulsed Doppler stations.  Oklahoma City area must be pulsing 3-5 MW’s into the area based upon all of the Dopplers I count.

Oklahoma Doppler

12-25-13 Oklahoma

12-25-13 Oklahoma2

I realize all the good that NWS and NOAA bring to the public.  But to be honest, I think those Doppler radars are killing people as I write this to you, which is why I am going to keep researching and publishing my data. I have no control over what others choose to do or not do.


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