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More On That Avian Apocalypse in Utah

December 29, 2013

I thought I would post a video of that KMTX NEXRAD pulsed 750,000 Watt radar malfunction on November 16th near Salt Lake City, Utah from a Youtube poster.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of his opinions about HAARP, etc. but I do agree there was a radar malfunction that resulted in a HUGE increase in reflection measured from that Doppler station for a short period of time that is located atop Promontory Point, overlooking the area where those eagles and other birds nest during the winter months. If that reflection is external, that is an intense amount of reflected microwave radiation implying the radar was emitting more radiation than normal. Over 20,000 birds died in the marshes since mid November and 20+ eagles, many showing nerve damage.

Utah officials suspect bald eagle deaths linked to die-off of shore birds

(Reuters) – The tally of unexplained bald eagle deaths in Utah this month rose to 20 on Thursday as state wildlife officials looked for possible links to diseases suspected in a coinciding die-off of thousands of shore birds around the Great Salt Lake. Since December 1, state wildlife specialists have documented a growing number of bald eagles of varying ages succumbing to an unexplained ailment that crippled them with leg paralysis and tremors before they died.The eagle deaths have been concentrated in the northern and central parts of Utah at a time when the federally protected raptors have migrated to their wintering grounds in the Rockies.Necropsies, the animal equivalent of autopsy examinations, have yet to pinpoint what is killing the eagles, but scientists now believe a disease rather than a toxin is the culprit, said Leslie McFarlane, Utah wildlife disease coordinator.“It appears to be more disease-related since we’re seeing birds with neurological symptoms and enlarged hearts. That doesn’t rule out all toxins, but it shortens the list of suspects,” she said.

These Microwave Radar Towers ARE VERY DANGEROUS according to my data.  But that is a biology problem right?  No physicists or electrical engineers are involved investigating these massive die-offs because that is not their field and those Eagles are just “Biological Contaminants” anyway, RIGHT?  How about the fact that 1/47 kids in that area of Utah are born with autism?  Any physicists looking at that problem?  Or is that just more biological contamination and not their problem?

Utah Doppler

Warning, the following video contains graphic violence

I missed on my first shot….

I had better luck the second time around

I like to get my point across in many different ways.


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    Too cool. Re-blogging it. You certainly made your point.

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