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Rock & Roll ain’t Noise Pollution?

January 2, 2014
pissed off eagle

I’m Pissed Off

Ok, stay with me on this one.  Let’s say I am wrong and that West Nile Virus did cause all of those eagles and grebes and ravens to die in Utah and B.C. I have no reason to question biologists, as far as I can tell they are very bright and hard working trying to solve a rash of increased biological problems across all Genus and Species, including bats, frogs, birds, sea stars, deer, fish, dolphin, pelicans, whales, humans, trees, coral, etc. all of which appear to be suffering in the “civilized? world”.

So I thought I would track down over night what causes “West Nile Virus”, (at least in Texas in 2007 – that’s as far as I could get between 9 pm last night and now).  I went to my trusty “Google Earth Uncertainty Radar” and plotted the occurrences of West Nile Virus in Texas from 2007. Actually I cheated, I just Googled “West Nile Virus Texas” and found the map.  I then inserted the graphic as an image in Google Earth and fit it over Texas.  I also made it semi-transparent so I could see Doppler radar locations underneath. BTW I have new symbols for Doppler stations, some other guy on the Internet helped with that (thank you unknown dude) and it appears more complete then my previous  And here is what I get.

West Nile Texas

Green  circles are Weather Radars, Red are Military Radars.  Yellow and red boxes are locations of West Nile Virus

Null Hypothesis: “Ain’t No Damn Way West Nile is ALWAYS  occurring within 50 miles of a Doppler Microwave Radar Tower in Texas in 2007” (range is 150 miles for NEXRAD 750,000 watt radars)

So I want you all to look at that map closely. EVERY occurrence (Red and Yellow square) of West Nile Virus in Texas in 2007 is within 50 miles of a Doppler Radar Station. Also, the largest areas have the most Doppler radars. Now wouldn’t you think just a few would show up in West po-dunk Texas that does not have a radar? So what do you think that p-Value is? <0.001???


Don’t Blame Me?

I was a little worried about Tyler, Texas until I found out the local TV station has installed their own Doppler radars.  So it appears to me there is a cost of “measuring” the weather, pumping out re-runs of Happy Days and pumping out Rock and Roll music 24/7, etc. Microwave transmissions appear to me to be gradually charging up the quantumsphere above our heads which rains down increased uncertainty amongst us as “weakly ionized plasma”

Just my take on it.

Here is a song to keep that thought with you:


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