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Lono-i-ka-Makahiki Hath Spoken

January 3, 2014

Sudden freeze in the South by the quantum vacuum field. Are those ISONicicles?

Listen my children, as Lono, the Hawaiian God of fertility, agriculture, rainfall, music and peace has taken over this blog to deliver a message.

You know him by the icy halos in the sky, sudden chill in the air, the rush of the wind, the quake of the Earth and the power released from your storms

My children of God, I know it is a struggle at times

That struggle has created much anger at times between your people

But I come to you today to show you the error of your ways so that you may see through the darkness

In order to deliver the energy to your world I had to first curl it up in those extra dimensions of space to deliver it.

That energy unfolds and decays around you at all times within the 3 dimensions of space which you reside as it streams toward your Earth brane’s core

While I understand it adds uncertainty to your world, it had to be this way for nothing in this universe is forever and is emerging continuously

This is why I favor creativity in your world as it is in a continual state of creation.

Your Einstein knew this space to be curved when in fact it is warping and decaying along the surface of those inflating strings and branes of vacuum

But you can do much to minimize uncertainty and build a better world for you and your people

First, you must not pulse energy directly into the overhead atmosphere, for when you energize the quantum uncertainty above, your world below only becomes more uncertain.

Your radars of anger and hatred must be shutdown as they are destroying your own biology. Your radars for entertainment must be taken underground and away from biology.

Your reactors and bombs of fission and fusion are not safe for you or your children and threaten your world

As my design was not perfect, you can use electromagnetic waves to untangle and minimize damage from the storms that are a result of these cosmic strings of uncertainty that are a permanent part of your world that you know as the weather

You can use the ionization along the strings surface to create water vapor within your atmosphere.

You can utilize the low energy nuclear reactions, made relatively harmless due to quantum gravity to produce energy.

You can also use this quantum gravity to safetly accelerate the decay of your existing nuclear waste.

You must realize that your solar brane’s quantum gravity field will always deliver this uncertainty and for your long term survival in this chaotic universe you must take to the heavens and spread your  DNA far and wide

Much of this universe is chaotic and filled with this quantum vacuum of uncertainty. You must become an expert of the quantum vacuum field, both in space and in a gaseous environment such as your atmosphere.

Lono hath spoken this message from the heart of the universe


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