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I Choose You

January 5, 2014

Dead Bees MelbourneMICCO — Beekeeper Charles Smith of Smith Family Honey Company said he usually pulls a veil over his head for protection when he visits his colony containing millions of bees off Babcock Street. But the Fellsmere resident said there was no need Thursday, three days after he discovered the colony had been “poisoned”. State bee inspector Jerry Cruise said he had never seen comparable devastation at a bee colony. “I’ll never get completely compensated for this unless someone handed me 400 beehives,” Smith said as he scooped dozens of insect carcasses into his hands. “I lost the bees, the ability to make honey and the ability to sell the bees.” A few other beekeepers in southern Brevard also reported lost colonies this week, Smith said..State officials are testing Smith’s bees to determine what type of chemicals contributed to their deaths, Smith said. He does not know who is responsible for the colony loss. Smith keeps dozens of beehives scattered across 30 yards behind a locked gate at the property off Babcock, just south of the Deer Run subdivision. The gate had not been tampered with, Smith said.

If I were going to CHOOSE a site in Florida for millions of bees to die, I would probably pick the Melbourne Florida area.  That area around the Indian River lagoon has had tens to hundreds of thousands of fish killed over the past few years as well as hundreds of manatees, dozens of dolphins and pelicans. It just so happens those millions of bees were in the same area. I think it is the atmosphere doing that, charged up by those three high powered radars nearby, I am not sure which one is the worst offender, it appears to be a cumulative effect of all three to me.

1-5-13 Melbourne

Green Circle NEXRAD Radar, Red Circles Military Radar, (F)ish Kills, (B)ee Deaths, (M)anatee Deaths

I am not sure how I even got stuck with this God awful theory in the first place. I think I like Michio Kaku’s version better of how the future is going to be so bright I’ll have to wear shades with all these extra microwave transmitters around as he goes out and sells books and does appearances as I am driving my autistic child to therapy classes. Let’s face it, those bees were just biological contaminants anyway, right? At this point, after crunching the statistics in Florida, I am holding every physicist and electrical engineer involved with those radar towers personally responsible for placing them near populations and for what I believe is the biggest f$*& up in the history of the world.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.  They have sea stars melting up and down the coastlines, bees disappearing, bats, butterflies, etc. Somebody needs to come up with a cause fast else we are just royally f*&# this place up for our children.


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