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Dog’s Breath or Dragon’s Breath?

January 7, 2014

I agree with grandpa. Where science has fallen short is understanding what is creating and aligning the ice crystals and causing that lensing.  That would be “cosmic strings” of quantum vacuum energy encircling and connected with the Earth. Now I think ISON delivered this increase in vacuum energy back in November as well as an increase due to the Sun’s alignment between Jupiter and the Sun and the resulting Solar Maximum.  This universe we reside in is sort of “puckered up” and wrinkled with these strings and branes of decaying quantum vacuum.  We humans just reside in the “unpuckered” space as this vacuum energy decays through decoherence.

Ice Halo

Sun Dog Lights up the Sky over Chicago on 1/6/14


Oh Quantum God Lono, please see that the local cosmic increase in quantum vacuum doth not freeze our ass off too much. It is Mucho Mahalo Coldo.

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