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Don’t Cross the Streams!

January 7, 2014

ghostbusters-cross-the-streamsGuys, I am happy to report that so far in 2014 my new quantum earthquake prediction model has been one hundred percent correct in the Midwest (I have not checked anyplace else yet).  All earthquakes and sinkholes in Texas and Oklahoma and Arkansas have occurred within 50 miles of Multiple Doppler radar stations (The more the merrier in my model). I will continue to tune this model based upon actual overlapping Megawatts of Pulsed, Polarized Radiation.  I call my new model “The Ghostbusters Quantum Crossing of the Streams Model”

Oklahoma Earthquakes

Green Radars are NEXRAD Weather, Yellow Radars are TDWR and Red Radars are Military


LANGSTON, Okla. (AP) – No damage was reported after several earthquakes hit Oklahoma on Saturday. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the largest of the three had a preliminary magnitude of 3.7. Its epicenter was 10 miles north-northwest of Langston and 13 miles west of Stillwater. It struck at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. A preliminary 3.5-magnitude quake was reported at 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Its epicenter was 1 mile north-northeast of Cherokee. The USGS says a third earthquake hit at about 3:30 p.m. Saturday. That quake had a preliminary magnitude of 3.2 with an epicenter 9 miles north-northwest of Chandler.


Texas Earthquakes


Azle, Texas – “I’ve got a crack in my hallway,” chuckled Marion LeBert as he stood in the parking lot of Azle High School. “Oh my! We have sink holes in our yard. And they’ve gotten bigger since these earthquakes,” commiserated Tracy Napier.

The two were among hundreds of townspeople hoping to get answers at a meeting hosted last  night by the  Railroad Commission of Texas, the state’s oil and gas industry regulators. The area, in Parker and Tarrant counties, didn’t experience earthquakes until recently. Now, it’s seen a swarm of over twenty minor ones in the last two months, troubling residents and causing damage to some homes. The earthquakes would be the topic of discussion.



Please pray for me


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    • Susan,
      My sense is we are getting orbited/struck by dark matter of a varying range of mass energies all of the time From the Sun and inner space. If you really think about it the average CME is a billion tons or more and they happen daily in all directions, if that mass were not curled up and dark, we should have Mount Everest sized chunks of matter hurling everywhere through space all of the time. Of course we do have asteroids, but I think a lot of them have these vacuum branes curled up and decaying at their cores.
      Thanks for following

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