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How to Save a Life

January 9, 2014
Pillar Point Hazy Skies


From → Biology, Geophysics

  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    Video not available in my country. I am in your country. I’m in the attic.

    • What did you guys do make the Internet border guards mad?!

      Once they just found 10x normal ionizing radiation around those military Doppler Radars @ Pillar point that confirms my theory as far as I am concerned, This is going to be a f*&^% up mess for quite awhile…

      • talesfromthelou permalink

        Oh boy, you scare me. Let’s see: Fukushima, chemtrails, GMOs, water contamination, media brainwashing, WW3 always lurking around, the Western economies tanking, homelessness, fireballs and asteroids, aliens about to invade, etc., and now your theory. OK, stop the planet. I want to get off.

      • Hey, my theory is going to help us see the darkness through the light – WE HAD IT ASS BACKWARDS, we were always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and it is really darkness! ūüôā
        Thanks for following dude.

      • Dude,

        You are racing thru space @ 60,000 mph and spinning at 1000 mph atop a black hole , what did you expect?

      • talesfromthelou permalink

        Well, if you put it that way. It’s all an illusion anyway, isn’t it? No matter, just energy twirling everywhere. Is that where consciousness comes from?

      • I would say yes, we are just in a big whirlybird of 95% vacuum and a splotch of ordinary matter(us)

  2. talesfromthelou permalink

    Almost like inside a blender set to the speed of light? Infinity?

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