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It’s Going DOWN, I’m Yelling Timber!

January 13, 2014
starfish wasting

That used to be a sea star. RIP Starfish.

Below is a short excerpt form a paper on the LA Times this morning Read the entire paper on the link below:

Implications of radioactivity in seawater to desalination

In Santa Cruz County California

Michael E. Boyd -Soquel, CA, January 11, 2014 


The seawater off the California coastline in Santa Cruz County is contaminated with elevated levels of radiation. While the elevated radiation levels are not in dispute, the controversy is over the source of that elevated radiation. Is it due to natural sources or due Fukushima Japan’s TEPCO nuclear power plant melting down and dumping 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean every day? What ever the source, the removal of such radiation will be a concern to the public that needs to be examined in the final EIR process on the proposed regional desalination facility being conducted by the City of Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water District.

This report examines, the understanding of radiation, discusses the controversy over the source of the elevated radiation levels between scientists and government officials, possibly attempting to downplay the seriousness of the Fukushima TEPCO nuclear power plant as the source of elevated radiation levels in seawater and air born emissions of radiation near the tide line. The report contains fact about radiation, the method of calibration and analysis of the results of air and seawater samples collected at the Capitola Beach seashore.

 Understanding the radiation

Understanding the radiation doses to the public from the Fukushima nuclear power plant is difficult without an explanation of and way to convert the various dose measurement units being reported.  The amount of radioactivity in a quantity of material can be determined by noting how many curies of the material are present. More curies = a greater amount of radioactivity A large amount of material can have a very small amount of radioactivity; a very small amount of material can have a lot of radioactivity. In the International System of units (SI), the becquerel (Bq) is the unit of radioactivity. One Bq is 1 disintegration per second (dps). One curie is 37 billion Bq……

The sh^%! is about to hit the fan in California, site of millions of krill deaths, seal pups wasting, sea stars wasting and now elevated level of weakly ionizing radiation on the beaches and in the water along the coastline.  That area of Capitola Beach has EIGHT OVERLAPPING HIGH POWERED PULSED MICROWAVE RADARS WITHIN 50 MILES OF EACH OTHER.  My research tells me they have exceeded the limit our Spacetime continum can handle..BTW, could somebody email me the Doppler radiation safety manual that says  you can overlap unlimitted amounts of microwave radiation before you cook junior playing in the sand with his plastic shovels?

Capitola Beach

Circles are Doppler Microwave Radars – There are 8 within 50 miles of Capitola Beach. Red Teardrops are dissolving sea stars (starfish). I was also tracking algae blooms in that area a few months ago.

The only good new is I think the radiation will subside if you immediately TURN OFF those microwave radars (I think the radiation acts light a like a light bulb from the atmosphere when the radars are on. But of course it will take the government and Scientists months or years to pontificate over this.  They better not wait too long.  The only song I could think of is the following…

I guess that is kinda like in your face to the all the corporate and government Doppler dudes

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