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Why We are in Trouble

January 17, 2014

boom_strip (1)

From for educational(branewashing?) purposes

AURORA, BOOM! On Jan. 11th, Bjørn Hugo Hansen of Øverbygd, Norway, observed an explosive display of auroras–with sound effects. “The temperature was -27 C, and I was standing on the ice by our cabin. In the distance I could hear cracking sounds from the ice, a strange sound like a mix of whale bubbles hitting the ice and a small earthquake. This happens often. I believe it is stronger tonight, though, because of a big drop in temperature. Faint auroras were dancing quietly overhead when I spoke to myself — ‘Come on Aurora – give me all you got.’ And BOOM! The sky exploded behind me.  “Lady Aurora twisted around the sky, she threw her bridal veil all around,” continues Hansen. “I was in ecstasy … and as if that was not enough,  the ice under me made a large DRUN! I had never heard the sound of the ice crack this close before, almost right under me. It was an enormous sound. A thin crack 5mm wide rushed across the lake. Then it became quiet and Aurora disappeared. AMAZING!”

To me, our basic problem as humans appears to be that we think hot, cold, dry and wet can account for all of our weather disturbances and that the atmosphere could not possibly cause an Earthquake.  And based upon our Captain Kangaroo version of the weather and Flintstones model of the universe that would be true, just watch the NASA video.

So that is why I am feeling a bit disenchanted with the whole geophysical and meteorological thing going on as Nature is suffering in a very big way, our children and grandparents included.  If there is anybody that first identified strings in our atmosphere, IT WOULD BE THIS FEMALE CORRESPONDENT.  It is really a pretty sad state of affairs when PhD’s can’t understand that hot, cold, wet and dry cannot do what you are seeing, but their denial appears to run wide and deep.

In the end, this shortsightedness is killing all of us.  I am just thinking of the billions of dollars that have flowed to contractors and learning institutions to study this stuff and install all of those high powered microwave radars and point them at Dick and Jane and Spot and not realize, to this day what is causing all of the anomalous Doppler readings and reflections in the atmosphere.  And with all of those billions that have flowed, why there have never been any long term studies that I can find that say there is no effect on surrounding biology around these radars even though back in the 1990’s there was concern by many scientists.

Pretty sad state of affairs. And yet those radars are blaring 24/7 just so I can know when it is drizzling out and the US and Russia and North Korea can point their missiles at each other while they injure their own children with their radars.

How did we ever end up here and where does one get off?

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  1. I feel a bit disenchanted about the direction of Western society as a whole. The learning institutions are rather profit seeking institutions that are creating a bubble which I suspect will go down like the housing market in the not so far future. I’ll continue to look fora way to get off and pass the info along when found.

  2. Human hubris and greed has driven us to this place. There is no cure.

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