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My vote would be the RADAR

January 21, 2014
Nevada Leukemia

Leukemia Cluster Site near Navy Radar, also all areas with Radars were centers for West Nile in Mosquitos

Adding to the strange mix of real and suspected exposures in Fallon is electromagnetic radiation (EMF) from a nearby high-powered, long-range navigation (loran) radiofrequency transmitter. Residents’ EMF exposure increases during wet weather, according to Wiemels. The tower, which transmits frequencies ranging from 90 to 110 kilohertz, is part of an antiquated nationwide network for determining a craft’s location by triangulating signals received from distinct transmitters. Although modern GPS has largely rendered the World War II-era technology obsolete, the tower remains in place and operational. “When it rains, the whole basin where Fallon is located becomes an antenna,” Wiemels says. A drought earlier in the 1990s ended with wetter years, including a very rainy 1997, during which the basin was soggy all winter, Wiemels has learned. Some studies of leukemia and EMF have found an association, while others have not. Wiemels plans to review water table and weather records to gauge what might have been a significant EMF exposure for local residents prior to the onset of the cancer cluster

That description sounds exactly like the theory I have been developing for the past year.  During low pressure events, I think the atmosphere is discharging that extra energy as weakly ionizing radiation to all biology below due to the increase in vacuum energy.  I think in Melbourne, Florida, the atmosphere is discharging much of the extra Doppler energy from those three radar towers  into that Indian River Lagoon during hazy skies and storms, gradually damaging all biology in a chronic way.

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