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The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth?

January 23, 2014

As discussed in Sec.1, the most evident signature of a cosmic string is to produce a strip of multiple images along its path. This would be the first feature to look for in any dedicated search for cosmic strings within large astronomical surveys.

Guys, I think that second lens above the Sun’s lens IS THE LENSING OF EITHER MERCURY OR VENUS

Thankfully my ADD allows me to hyperfocus on one thing for awhile…  To me it appears these “Polar Vortex’s” we are getting now are accompanied by some pretty amazing gravitational lensing and lensed pairs and stringy cusps seen a month ago. Of course accepted geophysics has made up our own special science on Earth to explain these “phenomena” through multiple combinations of hexagonal ice crystals that magically align themselves in these intricate elliptical patterns in order to try and explain it away.  It makes for a kinder, gentler, more soothing brand of physics for the school children.  It is really too bad they are WRONG.  You can sense the vacuum, or draft in the video by the rush of wind by the microphone.  To me, there is plenty of energy there for a grand unified theory, if others would JUST OPEN THEIR EYES.  We have plenty of equations, it is time TO SENSE THE EQUATIONS, AND BEHOLD THE QUANTUM VACUUM.  The sooner a noted physicist fesses up, the better off everyone will be.  I am just an engineer with an attitude. Those sirens in the background are an indication of INCREASED UNCERTAINTY as space is “wrinkled” and not smooth in the area… Let’s just hope there are no major Earthquakes as a result.  To me the lower the pressure, the higher the local vacuum concentration and greater the chance for seismic events and severe weather due to accelerated decay.  I believe we can thank either Jupiter or ISON for this increase in vacuum and the “Polar Vortexes” we are experiencing.

This one was in the atmosphere a couple weeks before the Japan Earthquake…Lots of condensing along that string.

Maybe somebody should KEEP AN EYE ON THOSE ORBITING STRINGS, I think they might give somebody an ASSWHOOPER’N

I found a good old paper linking low pressure systems to Earthquakes, which supports my research

Low Pressure EarthequakesClick on the text to read more.

Now you see what THEY are trying to tell us, RIGHT?

We ARE NOT ALONE guys, just lonely. At some point physicists will wake up and realize this is a National Security Issue, but I am not sure how long that will take. They should then realize what is bending that Doppler radiation in the atmosphere and why it is very dangerous to pump that EMF into the atmosphere 24/7. There will be lots of pride to swallow, egos to deal with and lots of pain and anguish.  It might be easier to just keep denying it all, I don’t know. I am just getting the monkey off my back and for some reason you guys, whoever you are, keep coming back for more.


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  1. There is a bright and shining quality to truth. It dazzles and yes, it draws us to itself. Once you begin to learn a thing, you can’t go back and unlearn, (thank goodness for the whole human race).The article you posted was amazing. Thank you for posting a link to its entirety. I am wondering if the polar vortex incidents aren’t the Russian meteor making its remnant orbiting energy known.

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