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Pretty Crazy Right?

January 25, 2014

I’ll have to admit that I have predicted some pretty crazy things from my version of M Theory, right?  If you get right down to it, my predictions pretty much say that mainstream geophysics has this place pretty much bass-ackwards.  Mainstream physics thinks all of these Ice Halos are just an optical effect. Hell, my theory says some of these halos have as much energy as possibly the Earth all curled up in a string with tension passing through the center of those halos and sun dogs, which are really lensed pairs in my therory.  And all those cirrus clouds, well, they are just condensing wisps of water vapor along the surface of that high energy string of vacuum energy.

So as crazy as it sounds, if you were to fly a plane or rocket into one of those Sun Dogs within the cirrus clouds, you ought to get maybe some gravitational turbulence and waves or possibly some cirrus clouds shooting into the sky as that string interacts with the metal surface and heat radiation from the rocket. So here is what happened during the launch in the video above:

“When the rocket penetrated the cirrus, shock waves rippled through the cloud and destroyed the alignment of the ice crystals,” explains Cowley. “This extinguished the sundog.” The sundog’s destruction was understood. The events that followed, however, were not. “A luminous column of white light appeared next to the Atlas V and followed the rocket up into the sky,” says Cowley. “We’d never seen anything like it.” Cowley and colleague Robert Greenler set to work figuring out what the mystery-column was. Somehow, shock waves from the rocket must have scrambled the ice crystals to produce the ‘rocket halo.’ But how? Computer models of  shining through ice crystals tilted in every possible direction failed to explain the SDO event.

Read more at:

Now those optical physics boys are going to come up with some more of their perfectly arranged hexagonal ice crystals again to try and explain all of that. So go right ahead boys, those things come in all shapes and sizes to fit your low energy version of this universe.

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  2. Thank you for your theory about the energy potential of the SunDog, and the amazing rocket video. Fascinating, and lots to think about.

    FYI, there is a considerable body of Native American lore associated with this natural phenomenon. Day 7 of the 230-day nonfiction online journal Odyssey of the 8th Fire reports on some of the relevant science and lore associated with the SunDog, or Sunbow, or Whirling Rainbow, and the journal entry explores the natural phenomenon’s mythic relevance to our era.

    If you follow this link and scroll about halfway down the page below the picture of the Sundog, you will find an account.

    Thank you and good luck, S.

    • Steve,

      Thanks for the comment, I am not sure if the link came through, you can email it to, I would very much like to read. I have had a great time researching science and history and religion and trying to blend observations of the three. As I have developed and applied my theory it continues to make me see many of these phenomena in a very different way. I sense that much of the ancient lore and biblical teachings really are trying to explain real happenings as best humans can do. Although we cannot see it directly, I think this energy source unfolds around us every day of our lives from those six extra dimensions of space curled up and stringing around us. There is way too much energy jumping from our atmosphere than can be supplied by just air and water vapor.

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