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Better Than a Hoover

January 27, 2014

This video was taken this morning in Minnesota. If you really think about it, where is all of that energy coming from to move that volume of air at that velocity for hours and drop the temperature that much. Typically, in my engineering line of work, gasses with lower temperature and pressure have LOWER energy.  Our atmosphere does just the opposite, areas of lower pressure and temperature have the highest winds and energy levels. Don’t you see our fundamental error in judgement? Behold the quantum vacuum.

She is doing a better job than weatherman trying to explain it…

The Sun dogs and those energetic double rainbows seen during extreme low pressure events such as tornadoes and hurricanes are cut from the same quantum cloth according to my research.  While they are an optical effect in our dimensions, they are fundamentally created from a local quantum vacuum increase.  That cosmic string(or strings) have mirrored and bent the light around it as it passes in front of the Sun.  I told you before that researchers noticed that the outer halos match the average orbits of Mercury and Venus, which confirms(at least to me) that they are a lensed, magnified effect. The strings are creating the hexagonal ice crystals around their surface as they decohere in the atmosphere and pull one hell of a vacuum as they condense the surroundings.


Symbol for Mercury


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