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Hang Them All

February 3, 2014

Nothing to see here

radar concern

Radar Safety

How about when you overlap six or seven or eight or nine of the God Damn things?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

When you do it, make sure it is done slowly, very slowly

Read into the full report here, the good stuff from concerned scientists, which was ignored and not mentioned above, is in the middle of the 500 page document.

  1. jzues permalink

    Regardless of all human life. Do you think if the servicemen knew the danger of such exciting technology they would have served with such vigor? It’s plain deception. Matters not.

    • Well, If you read some of the scientific warnings in that 500 page NEXRAD safety document you will see that there were plenty of warnings before 1992. What floors me is that there seems to be no short/long term studies on Doppler radars since then (that I have found). Some have looked at cell towers and such. If you look at the instantaneous pulsed power of the weather radars and military radars, it is hundreds of times higher that cell towers (although now there are MANY cell towers). Even with the warnings, they have parked those military & weather radars right next to/within towns and overlapped 5 or 10 in the same area. There were some fat paychecks sent to government contractors. This is really bad if that Indian River Lagoon is showing us the chronic effect of those towers pulsing 24/7. I am just an engineer sitting at home in my spare time wondering why biology seems to be suffering terribly in places. We have hundreds of biologists studying this problem, WHERE ARE THE PHYSICISTS? They appear to be WRITING MORE BOOKS ABOUT MULTIPLE UNIVERSES AND ALL OF THAT CRAP.

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