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Guess What

February 5, 2014

Guys, I know you want to read some more of my weird research results , I have been swamped lately, but I keep doing a lot of thinking.  I am actually going ahead and finishing a research paper I am going to put on probably I don’t really figure I have any peers anyway because who the hell would spend a year plotting sinkholes and Earthquakes and tell you the atmosphere was triggering many of them instead of the Earth, they would be considered weird and if they happened to have a full-time research job they probably would be afraid to even mention the possibility, less they get fired.

And even crazier than that tell you the atmosphere is triggering most of those shallow Earthquakes and sinkholes and fish kills and algae blooms due to our addiction to radar towers, which have been there for decades, pulsing away. And I might even tell you that those radars have probably been adding to autism and cancers and all kinds of nervous system afflictions for at least half a century, around the time some dumb ass decided to take what was a military device, the radar and point it at/over people because something in the atmosphere was causing a “phenomena” and bending the EMF back to the radar.  Shouldn’t they figure what the f^*k was causing the “phenomena” before they put 200 of the things around every major urban center in the US? WTF?

Anyway, enough ranting, I am still waiting for research to prove me wrong, my statistical correlation in Florida, which I am re-running with the additional radar towers is even stronger than before.  I know, I know, correlation is not causation, but it appears to me during my research the place went to hell in a handbasket around the mid 1990’s when all of these Doppler towers were installed. Maybe a “Week without Radar” would be a good test.  The US, Russia, China, North Korea, etc. all get together and agree to turn the damn things off for a week and see if things settle down, YEAH RIGHT.

The earthquakes continue within 50 miles of those seven or eight radar towers overlapping in the Oklahoma City area and, well if you take a look at California, which also has the highest radar concentration along the coast, it has had thousands of small, shallow earthquakes over the past year.  I know, they have fault lines, bla bla bla. Who knows, maybe some of those little ones might help prevent the “big one”.  Maybe California will “just crumble” into the ocean one day, maybe leaving a big sinkhole. Not to mention all of the starfish dissolving, butterflies disappearing, seal pups wasting, krill dying, etc.  What a f^&$’n mess we have humans have made. Enough ranting.

2-5-14 Oklahoma

That’s a lot of radars in one location in Oklahoma and a lot of small, shallow earthquakes

2-5-14 Calif. Seismic

Ditto in California



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  1. Oh Squid – now hold on there – Let’s se what Mr. Crabs has to say.
    Mr Crabs:
    “Squidward lock up the store. “The Electric Universe” is acting up again … and earthquakes are predicted … watch this:”

    See that Stewart — your work is paying off – you got me wondering.

    ~ Eric

    • Thanks crabs, yeah I think this universe ,including empty(NOT) space and our atmosphere are full of these curled up strings of vacuum, making everything electromagnetic and weakly ionized.
      Strange universe we were born into, Nothing is free in life, you have to pay a little bit to the vacuum with each transaction.
      Thanks for following.

      • Eric,

        I agree, with the adder that the ionized plasma is created from decaying vacuum, which is really where most of the energy lies, all curled up, or “compactified”.


      • Stewart, do you think that actually electrical or electromagnetic is possibly then far more extensive than it may seem — since really we don’t probably know what all happens and how interferences may cascade? I don’t mean to make this a loaded question. I am only wanting to know what you think.
        I’ve been reading and looking at video for many hours — but this all really isn’t my field.
        ~ Eric

      • Eric,

        I think our quantum God has curled up all the sub-atomic particles into those strings and branes of “vacuum” which unfolds around us. Those subatomic particles are responsible for our electromagnetic, gravitational and low energy nuclear field. It permeates space and can act as a conductor/superconductor across vast distances. Do some research on “St. Elmo’s Fire” and you will understand what I mean here on Earth. I believe it is this quantum vacuum field which is bending and conducting some of the radar microwave radiation back to Earth, increasing ionization and decay in the surroundings of the radar towers. In other words, we are not”getting older with time” we are “decaying through space” due to the concentration and energy level of the vacuum around us.

        Thanks for following,


  2. talesfromthelou permalink

    We care Stewart.

    • I know, I was mostly just ranting and that picture just seemed appropriate. I appreciate you following and raising awareness of a potential problem. There are huge industries built around these radars. I think they have us all in an easy bake microwave oven from the atmosphere discharging some of this energy not as heat but as “weakly ionizing, penetrating plasma”

  3. I’m still reviewing articles and papers that I have been finding – including St Elmo fires. You may have interest in a fellow blogger, Steve at

  4. That is a great blog, thanks. I don’t have quite the artistic flair that he does. There is a quantum fabric to life that we have mostly ignored. I believe that will be the new awareness. It will replace the classical physics models over time, or at least be a newly recognized, underlying layer. While we will be left with less “phenomena”, our world will be just as strange…
    Thanks for following

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