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Dark Matter Tendrils

February 11, 2014

High Budget Search

102924635-dark-matter tendrils

That’s Pertty

Using the 10-meter Keck telescope in Hawaii, researchers from the University of California Santa Cruz and the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg were able for the first time to observe “tendrils” of dark matter making up webs in a cosmic gas cloud that stretches across two million light-years.

Low Budget Search (Me)


The strings are weakly ionizing, condensing/creating water vapor and decaying. Good Stuff. Those are our ancestors ūüôā

  1. it is good stuff… I think you are on reality

  2. Thanks. It is really just a different awareness and way of looking at our surroundings. I can tell you as an engineer, that much energy just not just “jump” out of air and water vapor. We have been in the dark with our understanding of our surrounding energy source, which appears to me to be mostly quantum vacuum, which is decaying all of the time, providing energy to our 3 dimensions of space. Our minds connect those three dimensions with the others. It starts with awareness, which I am just trying to spread.


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