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February 12, 2014

If you look closely, you will see that those filament-like structures have aligned gravitationally along the center of our Sun.  They will actually follow it across the sky, as they are really just the condensing contrails of strings of dark/vacuum energy from our decaying quantum vacuum gravity field with the Sun. These strings will contains as much or more energy than that of the Earth, all curled up in these thin strings the width of a proton (or less).  As these strings decay to protons in our dimensions, they ionize oxygen in our atmosphere and create water vapor and the whispy filament trails that you see.  There may be many of these filaments at once, all oscillating at varying frequencies and interacting and decaying, creating lensing effects, intricate patterns and low pressure disturbances in the atmosphere.

No government conspiracies, no chemicals or chemtrails, just the hand of our quantum God


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