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The Red Zone

February 16, 2014

Each of the three  Alaska Sea Star Wasting Sites are within 50 mile reflectivity zone of 750,000 watt pulsed Doppler NEXRAD Microwave Radars

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Starfish at the Anchorage Museum have shown signs of a wasting disease reported up and down the West Coast, and eight had to be euthanized last fall.

In Alaska, researchers first discovered evidence of the wasting disease last summer on Kayak Island in the Gulf of Alaska. They found a number of diseased sea stars, replacing an earlier theory that the illness was linked to warmer water, he added.

When marine researchers from the University of California at Santa Cruz traveled to Alaska this summer, they noticed something unsettling in the waters near Sitka: populations of starfish were losing their arms. 

As I have stared at this stuff for a year, It appears to me bad stuff happens within that 50 mile red zone around these microwave towers. California has a tremendous number of them along with tremendous numbers of sea stars dissolving. I think either humans are bad for sea stars or human’s radars are bad for sea stars, or maybe both. That’s all, believe what you want.

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