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I’ll let you be the Judge

February 18, 2014
2-18-14 CA No Doppler Autism

(S) Sea Star Wasting, Radars: Green NEXRAD, Red/Blue Military/FAA. Shaded areas are 2010 Autism Stats by school district.

2-18-14 CA Doppler Reflectivity Autism

Same as above only Doppler Reflectivity is Turned On

The areas with higher autism rates coincide with the increased reflective areas around the Doppler Microwave towers.  Based upon my research, those areas under the “reflectivity cloud” of that chronic, persistent microwave radiation, you will get increased increased hypoxic(low oxygen) conditions in waterways and bloodstreams due to an increase in weakly ionizing, penetrating radiation from the atmosphere, which has an “ionized plasma” or vacuum component.  This will coincide with an increase in Free Radical damage due to redox reactions because of the free radicals of oxygen and other ions in waterways and bloodstreams.  The oxygen ions will oxidize nitrogen and phosphorous in the waterways increasing algae blooms.

Throw in thousands of dead sea life near the location of those radar towers, including sea stars, krill, fish, seal pups, etc. and you will understand how the problem is all tied together.

Boy have the electrical engineers and physicist f*^%ed up.  I’ll shut up once somebody shows me a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 year study that all of these overlapping microwave radars are safe.

Believe what you want.

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