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Don’t Ask Me, Ask Your Kid

February 19, 2014
2-19-14 Florida

2-19-14 Florida Doppler Reflectivity, (F) 2012/2013 Fish Kills Due to Hypoxia/Red Tide/Algae, Pins are sinkholes, (W)aterspouts, (M)anatee Deaths.

So I have run new numbers based upon the additional radars I have discovered in my research for Florida.  The p-Values are still way below 0.01, ie. p<<<<<<<0.01 for the Null Hypothesis “No relationship between Microwave Doppler Tower Locations within 10, 15 & 20 miles of fish kills due to hypoxia, algae blooms and red tides”.  I am playing with the distance, it appears that in Melbourne, Florida most of the dead and diseased biology is with 15 miles of all of those high powered radars pulsing 24/7.  I’ll publish something professional in a couple of weeks.  Until then I am going to continue to act like an angry child and continue to rant on my blog because freedom of speech is a great thing.

I don’t ask you to believe me, I think you should ask a young kid. Kids tend not to have developed preconceived notions like us adults. Explain to them each of those colored circles are radars pulsing hundreds of thousands or millions of watts of overlapping microwave radiation through the atmosphere and through all biology 24/7.  Tell him it is the same type of radiation that you cook his food with.  Tell him there were many concerned scientists in the 1990’s that thought more research should be done and that these radars, which were originally only used by the military, may not be safe for biology. Then, tell them to take a close look at my graphic along with the picture below. Ask them what we should do. They will tell you the truth. My 10 year old said “It’s obvious dad”

It’s no wonder grandma and grandpa soon forget who we are after we have sent them to Florida to retire.


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