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Oh Crap, Dark Matter Sunk the Titanic Too?

February 21, 2014

titanic_2129956bTitanic sank due to ‘mirage’ caused by freak weather

Groundbreaking new research into the sinking of the Titanic has revealed the ship crashed because the iceberg was disguised by an optical illusion. One of the world’s foremost experts on the doomed passenger liner has discovered evidence a “mirage” was the cause of the famous crash.Tim Maltin spent six years scouring previously unseen records and the results will be shown on television in an upcoming documentary, Titanic: Case Closed.He believes a “haze” created by air currents caused the optical illusion – similar to the blur seen on a road during a warm day.Mr Maltin analysed previously unseen weather records taken from more than 75 ship’s logs from the week the liner sunk on 15th April 1912, killing more than 1,500 people.He found that a unique set of weather conditions caused an abnormal bending of light known as “super refraction.”Despite the absolutely clear conditions that night, the mirage horizon camouflaged the iceberg and caused the lookouts to spot it too late on the ship’s maiden voyage from England to New York.Historian and author Mr Maltin says the illusion would also have disguised the emergency flares sent up by the ship’s doomed crew from the vision of the nearby SS Californian.He said: “For years Titanic’s lookouts were not believed when they said the iceberg came out of a haze on that clear night, but now we know they were telling the truth.

Here is a good research paper on cosmic string gravitational lensing.

  1. Tim Volas permalink

    This has nothing to do with the Titanic, but it is a super cool photo of twisted rainbows. Caused by reflections, of course!

  2. Yeah, Cool. But reflecting off what? I think our quantum vacuum field is hidden behind that fine mist of rain drops it is creating.
    Thanks for following

  3. Tim Volas permalink

    Sorry — I thought there was some info with the photo, which I originally saw on The explanation given there was a reflection off the flood waters in Great Britain, though I don’t understand how a reflection can twist like that!
    Thank you for putting all this together!

    • You’re welcome. This stuff bends light and any/all EMR, including Doppler radiation. Good stuff.
      Thanks for chill’n on my blog

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