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February 26, 2014
2-26-14 Oklahoma city

2014 Earthquakes, All Magnitudes. Multiple overlapping Microwave Doppler/FAA/Military radars are charging up vacuum component of our atmosphere, triggering sudden discharges, triggering booms and shallow, light quakes.

But residents are puzzled as to why the quakes are occurring so frequently and making such alarmingly loud noises.“Felt like bombs going off. It’s just a huge loud noise and then it’s like a reverb[That is the sudden vacuum discharge from the atmosphere doing that] from that boom that just shakes the entire house,” Logan County resident Nancy York told ABC News affiliate KOCO-TVin Oklahoma City.

Melinda Traynor, who lives in the Cinammon Ridge subdivision, said she thinks the tremors are making her home stink. The odor inside her house [ionization & decay – not healthy] is so powerful it woke her from a dead sleep around 3:30 a.m. Friday.

Seismologists have been studying the quakes and have offered differing theories about what’s happening. There does seem to be general consensus that oil and gas activity is playing a role in the increased seismicity, but no one can say just how big a role.

One researcher, a Tulsa geologist, is now suggesting something else may be at work — the “weather” and aquifers. [They are getting warmer…]

The atmosphere is a capacitor (of dark/vacuum energy from the Sun) discharging to the Earth all of the time (our decaying quantum gravity field).  You dumb asses are charging it back up.  This will be bad for everyone’s health in the area. Period.

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