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March 8, 2014

220px-Chicxulub-gravity-anomaly-mDid dark matter kill the dinosaurs? Maybe…

So did dark matter kill the dinosaurs? The Chicxulub crater that has been linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago does not completely coincide with the solar system passing through the disc – but Randall says there are enough uncertainties that there still could be a link. “It comes reasonably close, it’s not a perfect fit but it’s one possibility,” she says.

Oh Crap, Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaur Too?

I really do believe I understand the basic behavior of these decaying dark matter strings and branes and I believe they arrive to our planet in a range of masses and sub-relativistic velocities and they clump together like bubbles in space due to their ultra high densities, gravitational attraction and radiation bubble. In cold dark space their bubble may be covered up in a layer of dust and charged particles so they hide, which, along with their sub-relativistic to relativistic velocities makes them extra troublesome to detect.  They are basically orbital balls of entropy and they form strings as they interact with the dark matter at the cores of other orbital bodies.  Read more at the link

I am running a year or so ahead of  physics, but I think they are catching up, I need to think up some more really weird stuff…



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