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What Ails Your Mama Nems

March 17, 2014

3-17-14 Radars

I have gone ahead and made available an updated list of Doppler Microwave radar towers in Google Earth (along with power levels) for any of you that are interested in how many overlapping watts of beautiful 2.0 Ghz to 6.0 Ghz microwave radiation you might have pulsing through you and your families 24/7.  Boy, I sure hope them MIT physorcists and electrical enginerds are right and that 2.0 Ghz to 6.0 Ghz pulsed radiation is OK for biology, because I just listed 30 something research papers from some pretty smart biologists with lots of initials after their names that says that them there radiative rays might do harmful things to you and the young’uns.  I only say this because I am seeing lots of algae blooms, dead fish, dead dolphins with tumors, diseased animals, etc staggering and floundering in the vicinity of them towers.  I just wanted to let my readers know that I added up all them US of A, FAA, NOAA, Military and Weather radars and I am coming up with a WHOPP’N

569,762,000 WATTS OF PULSED


and I know I have missed a few and that don’t count them there cellular towers and TV towers. And guess what, Michio Kaku and them WANTS EVERYONE TO ORDER SOME MORE.

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