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Scattered, Smothered and Covered

March 20, 2014

LA Autism PJ-AT419B_HEALT_NS_20100201184211LA-2 Autism Malibu Radar0Autism Malibu Radar ASR-9I still vote microwave radars.  In the case of California and many of those autism clusters, you will see that they have the mountain range behind to reflect the Doppler radiation back at the population and to the sky.  They also have lots of water vapor(and some vacuum) from the ocean to reflect that Doppler radiation back to the ground. DOUBLE TROUBLE.  You will also notice the elevated areas are getting more radiation because of the Doppler angle above horizontal.  That is why the high rent people GET MORE AUTISM because THEY LIVE HIGHER UP AND GET MORE RADIATION. Of course you also need the 2-6 Ghz radiation from those ASR and ARSR and NEXRAD and TDWR and ASDE and other radars as well as probably all the TV transmission towers. BUT HEY, IT’S HOLLYWOOD, LET’s PARTY!

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