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I Stomped Around All Night Long But You Still Did Not Get It

March 27, 2014

Chibolton Radars

3 GHz rain radar – CAMRa
94 GHz cloud radar – Galileo
1275 MHz clear air radar – ACROBAT
35 GHz Doppler cloud radar – Copernicus

circuloscultivos12_01 Autism

Autism/Genetic Damage from Microwave Radars

From this Site:

The central part of the Chilbolton pictogram shows that a DNA double helix as found on Earth, with 10 base pairs per turn, has been replaced on one side by a novel single-stranded helix with just 6 bases per turn [emphasis added].

I had to work hard for several days, to discover that the single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn refers to 2′, 5′-linked RNA or DNA, as opposed to the normal 3′, 5′ variety. This is known to hardly any molecular biologist, and I found out only by making an accurate model. Since the chemical formula of the 6-base helix remains the same as before, I guessed that any difference might be one of stereochemistry: change the sugar-phosphate connection.



Microwave Radar is Interacting With Vacuum in Our Atmosphere Causing Damage to All Biology

A tiny single-digit change in the central “rod” of that pictogram, located between the two nucleic acid strands, may confirm such a change in stereochemistry once it is mapped accurately.

“In any case, there is no other plausible way of constructing a 6-fold helix as indicated.

  1. “Association of 2′, 5′ ligoribonucleotides,” Nucleic Acids Research 1992, vol. 20, pp. 1685-1690. This paper shows that 2′, 5′-linked RNA will form double helices, but prefers to remain single stranded.
  2. “Synthesis and biological activities of 2′, 5′-oligoadenylate,” Nucleic Acids Research 1995, vol. 23, pp. 3989-3994. This paper explores the use of 2′, 5′ RNA as an antiviral drug; it seems we have been exposed to such strange molecules in the past, and have evolved an interferon-RNAase L system against them.
  3. “2′, 5′ linked deoxyribonucleosides: thermal stability”, Nucleic Acids Research 1997, vol. 25, pp. 3310-3317. This paper shows that 2′, 5′ DNA will form a double helix with RNA but not DNA; hence any 2′, 5′ infectious agents would not be detectable by PCR.

“Recall that origin-of-life experiments in the 1980’s [?] by Leslie Orgel, found that RNA would often polymerize into two different forms, namely 2′, 5′ versus 3′, 5′; and it was a mystery to chemical evolutionists why 3′, 5′ was favored on Earth.

Note that many abductees [remember, the central figure in the “response” version of the Arecibo Message looks like a classic “gray”] remain ill with chronic fatigue, which generally includes a high level of RNAase L; just as if their immune systems have been activated by contact with 2′, 5′ RNA.

The clear implication is that 2′, 5′ RNA may represent an alternative system of genetic coding to 3′,5′ RNA or DNA as found on Earth; and that the makers of the Chilbolton pictogram wished us to understand that fact [emphasis added]. Whether a secret band of elite scientists could hoax such a result seems doubtful; since 2′, 5′ nucleic acids are mentioned rarely in the literature, and nowhere does it say that they form a single-stranded helix with 6 bases perturn, that I found only recently, by painstakingly constructing an accurate model. 

My Michio Kaku klystron Crop Circle Wand even ran out of batteries while I was making the circles, trying to tell you.

That was 13 years ago. Nothing has changed except our children’s health is getting worse in developed countries.

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