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Three is a Crowd?

March 31, 2014
Redwood City Autism Cluster

Redwood City, CA Autism Cluster


As I move North using the UC Davis autism cluster Study I reach the Redwood City Autism Cluster area.  They happen to be centered within 15 miles of three airports (Moffett, SFO and OAK) and three ASR-9 1,120,000 Watt pulsed radars.  They are also on a hillside which might expose some of the homes to more direct microwave radiation.  Lastly, just across the mountains they have Pillar Point Air Station pulsing another ten or so million watts of power.  That is the same place they are having sea stars DISSOLVING on the beach.  But hey, that is all normal stuff and don’t you worry, because them radar boys and the W.H.O. are you say that everything is A OK.

Guys I realize these radars do all sorts of important things like keep planes from crashing into each other and keep the bad guys from firing missiles at us and let us know when the weather vacuum monster is coming.  But are we cooking ourselves and our kids and did anybody ever think to check in the past 75 years?  I decided the best option for me, since I am doing this research in my spare time is to continue to plot my evidence and remain as irritating as I can be so others take notice.

Thanks for putting up with me.

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