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The Bat Cave (In)

April 6, 2014
Guam Flying Fox - Pteropus tokudae

Guam Flying Fox – Pteropus tokudae Extinct (EX), Year assessed: 2011 (We Killed Kenny)

So I posted an earlier article on the collapse of the bat population on Guam.  It coincides with the instance of ALS and motor neuron disease in the local population. I ran across a good article which tied the disease in bats to blue-green algae.  If you have read my research, it started with plotting fish kills in Florida and around the US due to hypoxia, algae blooms (blue-green and brown) and red tide and I noticed they appeared to be happening more often around doppler microwave radar towers, such as those at Cape Canaveral/Melbourne, FL area (at least 10 microwave radars). I believe that is a sign of increased ionization around the towers. Guam also happens to have a tremendous amount of microwave radars (25-30) from my count.  Based upon my research, the atmosphere weakly ionizes us all of the time, but more so during storms and can trigger algae blooms, sometimes prolonged events during El Nino’s trigger worse blooms.  But eventually they clear up. UNLESS YOU LIVE NEAR MICROWAVE RADARS and then the problem is chronic, gradually damaging all biology.

Full article here

A recently identified link between a toxic amino acid found in blue-green algae and several motor neuron diseases could help researchers devise a therapy for the fatal conditions.Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria),  most often associated with nutrient runoff in coastal waters, produce a neurotoxic amino acid called β-methylamino-L-alanine, or BMAA.

BMAA was originally identified in Guam after the indigenous people, the Chamorros, were found to suffer motor neurone disease up to 100 times more often than other people. The Chamorros used seeds from cycad palms to make flour, and regularly ate fruit bats, which also ate the seeds. Both these foodstuffs contained BMAA. Since then, research has revealed increased incidences of MND in people who lived near lakes subject to frequent cyanobacterial(blue green algae) blooms, among consumers of contaminated shellfish, and in soldiers deployed to the Gulf War between 1990-1991[RADARS].

Over 90 per cent of motor neuron diseases have no known cause or cure. The diseases kill motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, progressively paralysing the body. Though MND is relatively rare, it has a high profile as a result of a number of high-profile people being affected including Professor Stephen Hawking.

So let’s not be too fast to blame the bats and mosquitos.  I think those microwave radars are triggering the blooms and gradually destroying all biology around them by doing damage to DNA and RNA and triggering hypoxia and oxidative stress. Humanities’ relative distrust and hatred for one another is destroying our entire planet.  Those microwave radars are killing us all but we are too f$%^ing stupid to see it.


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