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A Shocking Discovery?

April 24, 2014


Ground Zero

(F)ish Killed due to hypoxia/algae. 11 high powered overlapping pulsed microwave radars. Also a bunch of sinkholes (red blobs) in the area – SOMETHING IS DISSOLVING CaCO3 in the area.

Melbourne Radars

The radar boys will tell you that the pulses are only active for 1/1000 of a second so you can divide the 14,202/1000 and you only have 14.2 Watts average from all of the radars combined, which sounds harmless.  I am going to tell you that nature does not act that way.  The only way she can “average” the overlapping pulses (from all 11 sources) is to allow current to flow from the area of high power density to low, creating “amperage” or current in the lagoon as nature is absorbing and dissipating the pulsed energy entering the lagoon. In the end, we need to believe what nature is telling us, which is why I believe this is happening:

Manatee deaths unsolved amid effort to reverse Indian River collapse

“We can see signs of shock in the necropsy,” de Wit said. “We see it in their blood vessels and their organs and in addition to the shock we see signs of drowning.”

Katie Tripp, science director of the Save the Manatee Club, said among baffling evidence is that the dead manatees had been swimming, foraging and otherwise living alongside hundreds of others, and they hadn’t been struggling from cold weather or other apparent stresses.”

The Banana River in Cocoa Beach is well-documented as ground zero

The greatest concentration of dolphin, manatee and brown pelican deaths have occurred along the waterway between Patrick Air Force Base and the Thousand Islands. Yet no public or private entity is monitoring water quality from the area’s sewage treatment discharges and raw stormwater runoff.

Those instantaneous induced currents in human’s bodies as the Doppler EMF fluxes are dissipated will also trigger all kinds of biological malfunctions, of which we give names like encephalitis, epililepsy, autism, MS, RNA/viral damage and a whole host of cancers and other oxidative stress disorders as the oxygen is ionized right out of our bloodstreams triggering free radical damage.  Luckily our heads/bodies have less surface area than the lagoon and it only gets a few million of us….

But don’t believe me, believe nature.



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