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May 10, 2014


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From: ChemE Stewart <>
Date: Thu, May 8, 2014 at 10:38 PM
Subject: Kauai Coral Reef Problem


I am a chemical Engineer in Atlanta, GA. I was doing some of my own weather related research for the past two years and I stumbled upon something I think is significant. I noticed in Florida a statistically high number of fish dying due to hypoxia around microwave doppler radar towers. The Indian River lagoon in Melbourne, FL is having a terrible problem with diseased biology. Cape Canaveral/Patrick Air Force Base is next door and has ~ 12,000,000 watts of pulsed radars.

I have run power calculations and statewide statistics in Florida, backed by a researcher and they are pointing to a strong correlation between locations of pulsed Doppler microwave radars and diseased wildlife. Within a few miles of that Kauai radar site you have pulses of microwave radiation way beyond the 10 mW/cm2 safe level. The radar boys will tell you that you can average the pulses and they are safe. That is not the effect I am seeing.

You have approx 30,000,000(estimate only) watts of pulsed microwaves coming off the Pacific Sands radar site atop the mountain on North Kauai. Much of that 2-6 GHz radiation is reflecting/scattering/ducting off the overhead atmosphere (more during storms/overcast skies) and penetrating waterways based upon my research. I think the microwaves are ionizing dissolved oxygen and causing oxidative stress on all biology in the area. The free radicals of oxygen I believe are “bleaching” your reefs.

They have been adding radars over the past 10 years or so to that Kauai radar site. I believe that is your problem.

I have a creative blog @ if you want to look at some of my Google Earth maps.I am working on a wildlife research paper to be submitted shortly. I have readers from 150 countries. I am seeing signs of chronic wasting in wildlife around Cape Canaveral, Guam, White Sands, Pacific Sands.

underwater2web .
12:01 PM (8 hours ago)

to me
Hi Stewart,

This is really helpful information as the coral disease is even in isolated coves near the Pacific Sands Radar site! These were pristine areas that do not have human activity, run off from the land or any land based pollutants! I just did a radio show on this last night as the Kauai coral disease started shortly after the military started a joint testing operation with Australia in the area three years ago and they were using a new microwave blasting technology out of two submarines!

I will pass on your info and please stay in touch. I will do the same. I will also go to your blog!!

Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist
Hanalei HI

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    Godspeed to both!!!now on the all Governor’s of all states.

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