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NOAA, Please see NASA

May 12, 2014

LabNexradFrom NOAA

Antenna Gain (G)

Gain is a measure of the antenna’s capability to focus outgoing energy into a beam. Energy is originally assumed to be radiated isotropically (i.e., equally in all spherical directions). That energy is then concentrated or focused into a narrow beam based on the shape of the antenna. The WSR-88D antenna is a parabolic reflector and has a gain of 35,481.

Notice that Pr is directly related to the square of G which means that doubling the gain of the antenna would increase returned power by four times the original value. However, the WSR-88D antenna has a fixed diameter which makes G a constant. Similarly, the larger the antenna dish, the more returned energy (power) [INCORRECT] from targets can be collected which acts to increase a radar’s sensitivity (or ability to detect distant and/or very small targets).

Energy is not Power!

The terms power and energy are frequently confused. Power is the rate at which energy is generated or consumed and hence is measured in units (e.g. watts) that represent ‘energy per unit time’.

NOAA, please update your equations and get back to me…  You can’t take a high power pulse and claim it is low power, no matter how long(or not long) you pulse it. It might consume “Low Amounts of Energy”, but it is not “Low Power”.

A fighter can knock you out with using very low energy if he is fast and “Powerful”.  See Mohammad Ali

Our High-Powered, Pulsed Radars are “knocking us all out” with High-Power, Low Consumed Energy Pulses because NOAA does not know the difference.

Here is another example:

Water = Energy

Flowrate of Water = Power

A Firehose pulsed for 1/2 second can knock you on your ass, and consume low energy(water), using high power (flowrate).  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. POWER can kill you and consume low amounts of ENERGY.

Our High Powered, Pulsed Doppler Microwave Radars are nothing more than EMP Weapons.

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