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The Wind Cries Mary

May 21, 2014

Kawasaki Disease a Wind-borne Malady

“This is a Sherlock Holmes situation,” said Burns. “The data suggest that people are doing something new (since World War II) (Japan Also). CAN YOU SAY RADARS

Does oxidative stress play a critical role in cardiovascular complications of Kawasaki disease?

The coronary artery contains high concentrations of ionizable oxygen

In Japan, the Kawasaki syndrome peaks in January (the coldest month) and June/July (the months with highest precipitation) Think high vacuum in those jetstreams triggering the winds & high microwave radar reflection on the children.







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  1. You should patent faraday cage houses.

  2. Darshan,

    Nice hearing from you! The problem with that is our cell phones won’t work in our house and we still can’t go outside……I hope you are well


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