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“Truth or Consequences”

May 26, 2014

ImageI thought I would play “Truth or Consequences”. In this game the truth will be reporting correctly the actual average POWER of the NEXRAD WSR-88D Doppler weather radar.  You see this is VERY important, because the consequences for you and your children can be very severe if the average power of that pulsed radar is misrepresented and misunderstood.  So here we go:

The WSR-88D has an average transmitted power of 1.56 kW.(1560 Watts) (1 watt = 1 joule/second)

Analysis: False. The average ENERGY consumption of the WSR-88D is  1560 joules

Here’s why:

Check Basis: 1 second

Pulse Repetition Frequency: 322-422 pulses (long pulse mode) and 322-1282 pulses  (short pulse mode)

Pulse time length:1.6x10e-6 (short pulse mode) to 4.5x10e-6 (long pulse mode) seconds

Average Energy Consumed: = 1282 pulses * 1.6x10e-6 secs/pulse * 750,000 Joules/sec = 1538 Joules (close enough)

Consequence: Unknown because we were mislead.

From NOAA: The WSR-88D’s pulses have an average transmitted power of about 450,000 watts (joules/second)

Analysis: Kinda True (Could be as high as 750,000)

Pulse Power Density @ 1 kilometer distance from 450,000 Watt pulsed radar beam ducted into ground (by “weather” disturbance) and through your child: 127 mWatts/ sq. centimeter.

Safe limit: <10 mWatts/ sq. centimeter.


Consequence: Potential increase in Autism, Autoimmune, Alzheimers, Cancers

You see, whether you tell the truth or mislead everyone, the consequences are the same and nature does not lie.  If you mislead everyone, they stay confused.  If you tell the truth, the world makes sense again.

If it were me, I would evacuate everyone within 4 km of those NEXRAD weather radars. But hey, that’s just me.

NEXRAD Power Density





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