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Jellyfish (and Starfish) Jam

June 7, 2014

(My boys play this song and it stuck in my head)

So Let’s Recap

Coral Reefs Skeletons (CaCO3) dissolve SUDDENLY near coastal MICROWAVE TOWERS

Sea Star Endoskeletons (CaCO3) dissolve SUDDENLY near coastal MICROWAVE TOWERS

Sea Urchin Exoskeletons (CaCO3) dissolve SUDDENLY near coastal MICROWAVE TOWERS

Lobster Exoskeletons (CaCO3) dissolve SUDDENLY near coastal MICROWAVE TOWERS

Florida  (CaCO3 ) dissolves CONSTANTLY near MICROWAVE (AND RF) TOWERS


Sea Star Jam – Can Spread on Toast in Morning

Electromagnetic fields can be used to de-scale (remove CaCO3) with varying effectiveness depending upon field strength, etc. 

Do you guys see a pattern developing here?

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