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If I Were a Nice Crop Circle Alien

June 25, 2014

I would continue to create glyphs close to and pointing towards pulsed microwave radar towers, trying to get humanity thinking about them.  The problem is, if humanity is lead to believe they are harmless by their governments, they still won’t get it. But if THEY READ THIS AND THIS THEY SHOULD.  Otherwise, why would they continue to harm themselves, their children and all biology??

Copied from CropCircleConnector for educational purposes

Temple Farm (2), Sutton Road, Nr Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 22nd June 2014.

“Just been out to see the crop circle at Temple Farm, and we
found a second crop circle aligned due west of the
original, this one had a larger outer circle, inside which
is a trapezoid (kite). The short pointed end was pointing
straight towards the radar(pulsed microwave) at Southend Airport with the
long end aiming back towards the original crop circle. Any
idea how we can get someone to fly over it to verify and
map the new one? We’ve got some photos, not sure how they
will turn out because it was twilight, will try to upload

Bella Gaia (Facebook)
Yesterday at 23:25

“My name is Mike Collins. Myself and two friends went to take a look at the merkaba crop circle in the field at Temple Farm this evening at about 21.40 ish. Having looked at the first one, we headed back and spotted a second one aligned to the West of the first one. I think by then it was about 2200. The second one has a much larger outer circle inside which is a trapizoid (kite) shape of flattened corn. The longitudinal alignment is such that the shorter sides make a point directly towards the radar(pulsed microwave) antenna of Southend Airport and the longer other end points back towards the original circle.”

Mike  (Date: 23/06/2014 00:20:39)

london airport radar2 london airport radar1 22005bbb


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