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The Answer Nobody Wants to Hear

June 26, 2014

large_32607No Answers in Brevard Manatee Die-off

June 25, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando — A new report shows more manatees are dying in Brevard County than anywhere else statewide. The deaths are a mystery but not unprecedented.

The report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows 28 manatees have died for unknown reasons since January. That’s more than any other county statewide.

Scott Calleson of Florida Fish and Wildlife says that’s a lot of manatee deaths, but not the most Florida has ever experienced.

“Manatees throughout the east coast of Florida and southwest Florida in particular have periodic large-scale mortality events either from red tide or cold weather. This one as yet is unexplained, and so we don’t know what’s causing it.”

He says the deaths are linked to problems in the Indian River Lagoon, but it’s tough to pin the deaths on one thing.

“It’s not that they’ve stopped eating. It’s almost like it’s a shock, indications of a shock and/or drowning in the animals, which is a little unusual.” 

Widespread water quality problems in the Indian River Lagoon have killed off dolphins, pelicans and manatees and more than half of the lagoon’s sea grass.

Calleson says the manatee population can recover. 


Cumulative, Overlapping Maximum Pulsed Doppler Microwave Radiation Power in the Melbourne Florida Area from 11 overlapping pulsed radars. Ducting, scatter and reflection off the atmosphere causes the EMF to reach Earth


Power density, or intensity of radiation, is much more direct and simple index as compared to SAR, although it does not estimate the specificity of interaction of EMR and the matter. Occupational exposure limits in microwave range according to ICNIRP are 10–50 W/ m2. Public exposure limits for microwaves according to ICNIRP recommendation were set to 2–10 W/m2 (or 200—1000 μW/cm2) depending on frequency. For example, for GSM—900 MHz standard ICNIRP safety limit will be calculated as 450 μW/cm2 [11].

1-31-14-melbourne2 (1)

Tremendous number of dead/diseased (F)ish, Manatees, Dolphins, Pelicans between 11 high-powered, pulsed military radars in the Indian River Lagoon, FL. Peak Pulsed, Reflected Power (during storms) as high as 14,000 watts/sq. meter in the area.

And it will continue….

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