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Collateral Damage? Friendly Fire?

July 5, 2014

Accelerating Coral Disease on the North Shore of Kauai

From: underwater2web . <>
Date: Saturday, July 5, 2014
Subject: PLEASE Help ASAP With This Total Reef Disaster Happening In Hanalei Right Now!
To: Many Important People Who’s paycheck comes from the citizens of the US.
This is VERY serious. I did a scuba dive yesterday in Hanalei Bay at Summer break just outside of the St. Regis Hotel. The reef is in a 100% collapse! You, Dr. —— —- and —– ——- for NOAA all surveyed this area with me over the past two summers so you all have good coral counts and coral disease figures. There are hundreds of large mound corals in this area which is an important sea turtle cleaning station.
ALL of those corals are rapidly dissolving and rolling right off of the reef! The entire sea turtle habitat is rapidly wasting way before our eyes!  This is a major disaster and I am sure it is not healthy for people who are in the bay swimming, surfing or diving!
Someone is going to be LEGALLY responsible for ruining the reef permanently in Hanalei Bay and along the north shore of Kauai. I have never in my 5,000 hours of scuba diving seen anything even close to this. These 100 year old corals are all turning into mud within weeks! Anyone could easily see what is happening as there is not even one healthy mound coral left. EVERY coral on your survey is now dead or dying and turning into mush [You guys remember how when you cook some things in the microwave and they turn mushy?].
???????????????????????????????What is the purpose of your DAR Eyes Of The Reef Emergency Response Team if we have an EMERGENCY and no one responds! Remember I am a member of the EOR program! You list me in the State videos as the EOR volunteer who first reported the cyanobacterial coral disease out break on Kauai. That was real and so is this!!
Dr. ——- —— from the USGS, UH, NOAA, —— ——–, ———— —-, —— —-, The Kauai Mayor, —  ——-, The Governor, The DOH, —–  —— from the DAR, —-  ——- from the DAR, —-  ——-, —  ——-, —-  —- from the DOH, —–  —– from the EPA, —–  ——- from the EPA, —-  ——- from NOAA, all of these people need to get over to Hanalei ASAP and put on a mask and snorkel and look at this disaster happening right now if they dare to go into the water.
This is simply unsafe for the tourist, myself and anyone else who enters into the water on the north shore of Kauai. We have something EXTREMELY wrong happening right now and we had better figure it out before someone gets seriously harmed.
This is a Federal Law Enforcement issue as the habitat for the endangered green sea turtle is being altered dramatically and it is 100% effecting their feeding behaviour and health. This is also a Department of Health law enforcement issue as we are having all kinds of toxic bacterial blooms in the sea right now and this may all be linked together. This is also a possible Military law enforcement violation issue as RIMPAC with their accelerated use of dangerous Radar, Microwaves, Sonar and God knows what else, may also be a factor in this reef collapse. What ever is happening law enforcement had better get out here fast and figure it out!
???????????????????????????????Here are pictures out of my movies I took yesterday at 30 feet deep at the turtle cleaning station. Not one out of a thousand mound corals were alive and healthy! Not one! When you did your survey work out there the rice corals were diseased, but all of the giant mound corals were fine. This is a massive change in just a short period of time.
Please help and put together an Emergency Response Team! I do not even need to show anyone the location. Just go anywhere on the entire right side of Hanalei Bay and watch it crumble! I have 14,000 more video frame grabs like these you or anyone else can review plus I will have Raj post a movie up on Facebook for the world to see.
I would also love to see from the DOH what is the cancer rate along the north shore of Kauai right now. Something is dissolving our reefs and I am sure it is having an effect on human health! I do not know for sure what is going on along the north shore of Kauai right now, but I know we had all better collectively find out!
I am not trying to scare anyone!! I am just taking video and showing it to you and everyone else with the hope people can “connect the dots” before it is too late to do so. It is rapidly become too late!
Terry Lilley
Eyes Of The Reef Volunteer
Marine Biologist
Hanalei HI


Radar Intensive Microwave Pulses Annihilating Coral

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